From delivery of raw material for the start of a new production to the removal of plastic parts for storage and distribution, DME material handling equipment from Milacron has a wide array of solutions that will help improve the operation of your molding facility.  Milacron recognizes that material must be handled in a way that all necessary pre-processing functions are properly performed. Mechanical resin degradation and contamination must be prevented. When it comes to Conveyors, Dryers, Granulators, Metal Separators and more, Milacron has the expertise to help you make a highly informed decision on the equipment that will work best for your facility. Our Dryers remove moisture by using leading edge technology; our Compressed Air Dryers even have their own booster heaters and temperature controllers to allow the drying of different materials at different temperatures. From Floor-Mounted Dryers and Hopper-Mounted Dryers to Mobile Drying Systems and Portable Hopper Banks, our drying equipment ensures faster, easier and safer material changeovers. Metal Separators/Detectors from Milacron feature products from Bunting, the industry standard for magnet use in injection and blow molding equipment and extruders. Reasonably priced with proven dependability year after year, Bunting Metal Separators and Detectors provide economical, effective permanent magnetic separation.



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