Milacron knows what it takes to achieve peak performance so its extensive warehouse of Injection Molding Machine Screw Tips, Nozzle Bodies, Nozzle Tips, Assembly Components and more is always extensively stocked to help customers maximize uptime and productivity. Thousands of screw tips for dozens of machine brands are ready to be shipped to your plant. If you have a worn injection or extrusion barrel or a fleet of distressed barrels, count on DME Barrel Repair Services from Milacron to re-sleeve your barrels with new tool steel or bimetallic liners that cost much less than new barrels. Our Barrel Repair Service will bore out and hone your barrel to accept a sleeve machined from a wear-resistant alloy. The sleeve is machined slightly larger than the bore of the barrel. After the sleeve is shrunk by freezing and the barrel is expanded by heating, the sleeve is inserted into the barrel. The dimensions of the sleeve are carefully chosen and precisely machined to produce an even and tightly interference fit over the full length of the sleeve. The result is a permanent sleeve that will not move or crack while it efficiently conducts heat through the barrel/sleeve boundary.