DME Mold Assembly Components

Mold Assembly Components are an under appreciated aspect of every molding project but the performance of every production run depends on their undying reliability. DME Mold Assembly Components from Milacron undergo the same rigorous quality- control processes and procedures as all other products to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality parts. From socket head cap screws and lock washers to stripper bolts and mold springs, DME Mold Assembly Components are stocked in hundreds of sizes to support your projects every step of the way.



From Hoists Rings, Set Screws and Tubular Dowels to Belleville Washers, Tubular Dowels and Socket Head Cap Screws, DME Mold Assembly Components from Milacron are ready to support every molding application from the shortest prototype run to the longest production run. DME Hoist Rings improve performance and convenience to every job at hand, whether you’re hoisting an 800-pount mold base or a 15,000 piece of equipment. Unlike eyebolts, DME Hoist Rings will not yield to heavy side loads within their rated capacity and can pivot 180° and swivel 360° to compensate for pitch, roll and sway when lifting heavy, unbalanced loads. DME Mold Springs are available in four rated loads: Medium Duty (Blue); Medium Heavy Duty (Red); Heavy Duty (Gold); and Extra Heavy Duty (Green). DME Dowel Pins from Milacron are made from high-grade alloy steel, hardened and precision ground. Tubular Dowels, used in DME mold base assemblies to accurately align the “B” plate, support plate and ejector housing, are also hardened and precision ground. The use of Tubular Dowels allows more room for water lines by superimposing the dowel pin and cap screw.








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