DME Mold Cooling

If you’re looking for an industry benchmark in cooling component quality for injection molding, look no further than Milacron’s complete line of mold cooling products. From the premium line of Jiffy-Tite components with unmatched performance and the tightest tolerances in the industry to MoldBasics Plugs, Connectors, Sockets, Elbows and Seals, the DME line of mold cooling products are highly reliable and leak-proof, ensuring the most consistent and efficient mold cooling performance in the industry.



Highly durable and long-lasting, the Jiffy-Tite line of mold cooling components is the industry’s most trusted and reliable product line in the injection molding industry. Highly engineered Jiffy-Tite Connectors more than half a century ago were the first to employ ground-breaking face seal technology for quick disconnects. The full array of Jiffy-Tite products includes Quick-Disconnect Connectors, Male and Female Plugs, Extension Plugs, Straight and Spiral Brass Baffles, Cascade Water Junctions, Pressure Pugs, Coolant Bridges, and Seal Removal Replacement Kits. Other DME mold cooling products from Milacron include Hose Connector Sockets and Seals; Bubbler Tubes, Plugs and Rods; Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles, Heat Pipes and High-Temperature Insulator Sheets.








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