DME Part Ejection

Every injection molding business operating at or near full capacity requires a mold components partner that provides high-quality ejector pins, ejector sleeves, ejector blades and other high-use products. DME part ejection components from Milacron consistently meet the most rigid injection molding standards to ensure that product reliability and performance are achieved at a high level.



Milacron offers a wide variety of DME ejector products including ejector pins, ejector sleeves and ejector blades in both inch and metric offerings. DME Inch Ejector Pins are precision made of superior quality H13-type thermal shock-resisting hotwork die steel.  Hot-forged heads provide uniform grain flow and higher tensile strength. With a core hardness of 40-45 HRC, DME Inch Ejector Pins have an outside diameter nitride to 65-74 HRC and finished to minimize wear. DME Keyed Ejector Pins have a precision-machined flat in the head that keeps the pin from rotating. Made from superior quality thermal shock-resisting hotwork steel, Keyed Ejector Pins have a core hardness of 50-55 HRC to make these pins ideal for use in molds, die cast dies and other high temperature applications.








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