DME Mold Plates

Milacron has the largest variety of mold bases in every regional standard configuration, including imperial and metric. From standard A-Series Mold Bases to the most complex custom mold bases for highly unique applications, the plastics industry relies on DME mold bases for high quality, material consistency and better productivity.



Today’s mold building process is a complex one for the molder who must grapple with a long list of design details before placing a tooling order. DME Mold Bases from Milacron consistently provide the material and construction quality that enables greater attention to be paid to the core and cavity since they have the greatest visible impact on the molded part. Standard mold bases usually fit the bill for most applications and DME mold bases have been engineered and manufactured with such great care that they have been long known as a recognized standard for mold makers and molders across the globe. While the A-Series Mold Base Assembly is by far the most commonly employed mold base because of its flexibility to fit into the widest variety of molding applications, DME mold bases from Milacron are also available standard in B-Series, X-Series, Ax-Series and T-Series when special mold action or ejection requirements are needed. While hundreds of different standard mold base assemblies are available for quick – even same day – delivery, DME special mold bases are known around the world for their high-quality, tighter tolerances and expedient delivery.







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