Mold-Masters TempMaster iM2 Controller

Integrate the M2 Controller into your Injection Molding Machine


The powerful TempMaster M2 control platform can now be seamlessly integrated directly into any IMM to completely eliminate the entire controller footprint. Featuring APS control technology and a range of advanced functions allows for precision control of over 144 zones, enhancing part quality and improving operational efficiency. Optimize the performance of any hot runner system and unlock your operations full potential with TempMaster.


Seamless Integration

OEM appearance while offering the advantage of eliminating the excess footprint of separate control equipment.

Virtual Network Control (VNC)

Utilizes the injection molding machines existing HMI to centralize and simplify control.

Widest Selection of Interchangeable Control Cards

Select the perfect mix of control cards to configure the controller to your operations application and power consumption needs. Take advantage of high zone cards and reduce your card requirements by up to 33%. TempMaster M-Series control card options include:

  • 6 Zone (5A ea) – Hot Runner Tips
  • 4 Zone (15A ea) – Hot Runner Tips, Bridges, Manifolds
  • 2 Zone (20A ea) – Manifolds (Large)
  • 1 Zone (40A ea) – Manifolds (X-Large)

Expandable Control Platform

Integrate a wide range of options into the iM2 to monitor and obtain full control of the entire molding process from a single, centralized point. Improve part quality, eliminate even more unnecessary equipment and streamline operational costs with iM2.


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