Mold-Masters TempMaster M3


Mold-Masters NEW TempMaster M3 is a full featured controller platform which incorporates many new exciting innovations including revolutionary TC-Connect Technology and APS-AI. These technologies will simplify your molding cell, save you money and improve your process capabilities. Unlock your operations full potential with TempMaster.

NEW TC-Connect Technology

  • Completely eliminates the need for conventional T/C mold cables (50% of all mold cables).
  • Connects via a single, thin and lightweight data communication cable (similar in size to Ethernet).
  • Wiring the Hot Runner system remains unchanged.
  • Compatible with new and older (retrofit) Hot Runner Systems.


  • Built upon our proven APS control algorithm for precision temperature control.
  • Now incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Reach set-point faster during start-up.

Most Compact Dimensions in its Class

  • Up to 53% smaller footprint than competitive systems.
  • Up to 57% more compact overall dimensions.
  • Saves valuable floor space and is easier to move around.
  • NEW desktop format available.

Cutting Edge Touch Screen Displays

  • Large, tablet like, crisp high resolution displays.
  • Real time data and instantaneous response to touch inputs.
  • NEW fold away design prevents damage when not in use (TS8/TS12).

High Capacity Modular Control Card (4z-15A)

  • Reduce your card requirements by up to 50% (vs. competitors).
  • On-board heater and thermocouple fuses.
  • High reliability minimizes downtime.
  • Power to control a wide range of zones including nozzles, manifolds and more.


Additional Info

  • Models: TS8, TS12, TS17
  • Includes: 4.8m (15′) cable set, Quick Start Guide
  • Options: Alarm Beacon
  • For full features and capabilities please reference the TempMaster M3 brochure


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