This powerful new technology allows you access to your parts information online, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Enabling purchasing managers, service technicians, and maintenance personnel access to accurate information the moment it is required. Parts information is searchable by serial or model number, part number, vendor number, and description. Customer specific pricing and real time inventory are only a click away.

Electronic Parts Catalog

Finding parts is fast and easy. It is no longer necessary for maintenance, service, and purchasing personnel to browse through outdated hard copy manuals or PDF files to answer questions related to parts on your machine. Milacron’s online parts catalog provides instant access to parts information updated in real-time. Reduce time quoting by coordinating customer specific pricing for each part on your Milacron fleet through this online tool.

Shopping Cart

Ordering the correct parts quickly and accurately is vital to production. Milacron’s Shopping Cart tool makes ordering the correct part as simple as point and click. With the use of intuitive functions, users can place parts into a cart to order immediately or save for review at a later time. The part information is displayed in a format that allows users to feel confident that the correct part is being ordered the first time.

2D & 3D

The multimedia display, allows users to interact with parts data in multiple formats including pictures, interactive 3D renderings, 2D hot-spotted diagrams, audio files and video files. Users can easily switch from different views when identifying a part. The multimedia display also eliminates the costly mistake of ordering the wrong parts and provides visual tools to facilitate service installation or training. Interactive 3D allows you to rotate, explode and interact more naturally with your Milacron machines.


Milacron supports all of their products with a great selection of aftermarket parts and services.