Uniloy Injection Blow Series (IBS) Machine Rebuild Program

“Restore The Roar” In Your IBS Machine

When it arrived, your Uniloy Injection Blowmolding machine was the state of the art in single station machines, capable of producing thousands of scrap-free close tolerance bottles per hour. Now, years and millions of cycles later you’ve noticed:

  • Your cycle times have increased
  • Your machine control and operator interface are no longer state of the art
  • Your needs for SPC/SQC, lightweighting, and increased preform control cannot be met
  • Your electricity, air, hydraulic oil, and chilled water usage have all increased
  • Your operators and maintenance people have to work a lot harder to keep the machine running and making close tolerence parts
  • Your machine safety system is out of date, in the way, and susceptible to damage
  • Your key machine components flatness, alignment, and parallelism have deteriorated
  • Your job change times have increased
  • Your machine is not very versatile

In other words, It’s time to rebuild your Uniloy IBS machine!

A re-manufacturing and reconditioning of your IBS to original specifications and beyond is available to you from Uniloy. Who better to rebuild your machine than the people who built it? We are the original designers. We have the engineering drawings and the complete parts lists for your machine. We combine this documentation with a skilled and experienced rebuild team and top that off with a comprehensive list of productivity improvement packages specifically designed to allow your machine to operate at the limits of its capability.

We routinely perform high quality, full scope rebuilds for roughly 40% of what a new machine costs!

Here are a couple of pictures to show what your current IBS can be transformed into!

ibs01    ibs02



The Rebuild ProcessWe perform all rebuilds at our Afton, Ohio manufacturing facility. We start by completely stripping your machine down to its base. We then clean, paint, and systematically build it back up by either repairing or replacing components as specified. The process is completed by running the machine off for your approval. We tailor the depth of our rebuilds to meet your needs.

Typically, our IBS Rebuild Program consists of 2 distinct areas:

  1. Machine Reconditioning – includes Hydraulic, Mechanical, Extruder, Pneumatic, and General Areas.
  2. Machine Upgrades – generally speaking includes areas of the machine where components are upgraded over what was originally supplied.

The following pictures highlight the process:
Section 1: Machine Reconditioning


Hydraulic Machine Reconditioning

  • Replace specified hydraulic components
  • R & R electric motor
  • Replace all seals in hydraulic cylinders, motors and pumps
  • Replace all existing hydraulic hose assemblies

Remove hydraulic manifolds, flush porting and replace all O-rings on SAE plugs. Clean tank and reseal cover. Clean and pressure test heat exchanger



Mechanical Machine Reconditioning

  • Replace oil seals and oil in the index unit
  • Disassemble both clamps, regrind surfaces of platens and cross arms.
  • Inspect tie bars
  • Replace tie bar, head lift, stripper, and spline shaft bushings
  • If not replaced, repair safety cage weldment, replace Lexan panels and ball bushings



Extruder Reconditioning – (either Rainville or Egan extruders)

  • Re-chrome surface of ram cylinder rods
  • Replace ram cylinder seals
  • Replace guide shafts and bushings. Modify housing to add grease retainers and seals (Rainville only)
  • Repair hole in drive shaft, add 2nd keyway
  • Mill both ways in the base for the thrust bearing assembly (Egan only)
  • Inspect and repack all bearings in the thrust bearing assembly
  • Re-assemble and re-align the barrel and thrust bearing
  • Check heater bands, barrel, and screw for wear



Pneumatic and General Machine Reconditioning

  • Replace all poly-flo air lines with 250 psi reinforced hose
  • Clean and paint machine with proper safety colors for pinch points and moving parts
  • Install all required safety signs
  • Hook up utilities, runoff for customer acceptance, and prepare machine for shipment


Section 2: Machine Upgrades
Uniloy has designed and produced many upgrades for the IBS product line over the years. These upgrades are available individually as retrofits or in combination as part of a rebuild project. The following pictures show some of our most popular upgrades. In addition to those pictured, the following upgrades are also available:

  • Table top resurfacing
  • One piece, larger spline shaft
  • Variable frequency drive addition
  • Hi-Flo air retrofit
  • Automatic take off assembly
  • 1 ½” diameter stripper shafts
  • Extended injection platen (for models 122 and 189 only)
  • R&R Rotating head, addition of continuous exhaust feature
  • Addition of PET capability
  • Air barrel cooling





New Style Safety Enclosure

Features extruded aluminum framework and lexan panels. Two horizontal swinging doors per station. Non-contact gate safety switches and eight port water manifold for chilled water cooling.




B&R Control

Features closed loop process control, process monitoring, machine monitoring, diagnostics, recipe storage, password protection, and much more!

  • Swing arm operator interface includes B&R operator touch screen and operator switches
  • Power cabinet components include B&R i/o rack, starters, relays, and transformers
  • Vickers KBCGE proportional valve
  • Ultrasonic position sensors for ram and stripper
  • Laser eye core rod detection
  • All necessary hardware, wires, boxes, and connectors
  • Complete engineering and documentation
  • Labels for all switches and solenoid valves




ANSI 2000 Compliance Components

Mechanical: All four safety shoes are removed in the clamp area allowing for less clutter and easier accessibility. One safety shoe for each clamp assembly is mounted below the table. Air actuated and monitored electrically, (in conjunction with the safety cage) this eliminates the possibility of one shoe dropping in which would cause the tie bars to bend and/or damage to the tooling.

Hydraulic: Blocking valve with spool monitor and safety relay.

Electric: (2) Non-contact switches on each door and safety relays



New Style Numatics Manifold Air Panel Assembly


  • double blow
  • internal tip cool
  • external tip cool
  • tip extension
  • safety shoe
  • spare regulator

Replacing a component takes only minutes. 250psi high pressure blow is also available as an option.



Cooling / Filtering Upgrade (For Models 70, 88, 122, and 189-3 only)


  • Low pressure, hi-flow oil filter assembly
  • 50 gpm positive displacement pump
  • Brackets & Plumbing

The 50 gpm positive displacement pump assembly replaces the older centrifugal pump which has the issue of reduced oil flow as the filters clog therefore promoting overheating. The hi-flow oil filter assembly offers longer life and little oil mess when replacing. For marginal tower or chiller systems a larger tubular type heat exchanger or a flat plate heat exchanger for maximum cooling capability can be added. Also, there is a separate cooling / filtering upgrade available for model 55 and 75 machines.



Nickel Plating In The Molding Area

Painted surfaces are stripped and nickel plating added. Cross arms, platens, stripper clamp bar, and tie bar nuts are plated. Table plating is available as an option.


Superbolt™ Clamp Conversion

Four Supernuts are installed on the injection clamp assembly. No more risky “tie bar stretching” or burning off nuts and tie bars to remove. Great for easily setting stack height and securely preloading tie bars.

Rebuild Warranty
A rebuild carries a one year warranty on all components that are replaced. Although we cannot guarantee a “leak free” machine, we strive to minimize leaks.

Upon receipt of order, typically 8 weeks are required to release and procure components. After this period, we will require your machine to be delivered to our facility for 8 weeks of rebuild activities. Therefore, total lead time is typically 16 weeks.

Are You Ready For A Uniloy Rebuild?
If you think that you may be a candidate for a Uniloy rebuild, please contact us. At your request, one of our trained Uniloy sales people will be happy to provide you with a no-cost, risk free assessment of your machine(s). We will detail what will be required to return your machine to the limits of its capabilities as well as cost justification ideas.

Click HERE to see before and after pictures.