This program is applicable to most Recip models including:

  • 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • 250R1
  • 5600
  • 5710, 5730
  • 5810, 5815, 5830, 5835
  • 350R1, 350R2, 350R3, 350R4
  • 400R11, 400R20, 400R25

Uniloy has the rebuild advantage because we are the original equipment manufacturer. This means we have all of the documentation for your machine and have the ability to produce genuine replacements for any broken, worn, or missing components.

Another Uniloy advantage is the impressive list of machine enhancements that can be incorporated in your rebuild bringing its production capabilities and energy efficiencies up to par with new machines being built today.

Machine Enhancements Available Include:

  • Controls Packages
  • High Output Extruder Screw
  • ACVF Drive Retrofit
  • Air Barrel Cooling
  • New Hydraulic Systems
  • Extended Shot Conversions
  • Head Conversions
  • High Flow Air System
  • Complete Menu of Safety Improvements

The Benefits to Optimizing Your Uniloy Recip Rebuild Include:

  • Maximize Plastic Throughput
  • Optimize Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Improve Clamp and Shot Speed
  • Minimize Parison Drop Times
  • Minimize Product Inflation and Exhaust Times
  • Achieve ANSI Standard Safety Compliance

The Rebuild Process – Have it Your Way!

We perform all rebuilds at our Afton, Ohio manufacturing facility. We start by completely stripping your machine down to its base. We then clean, paint, and systematically build it back up by either repairing or replacing components as specified. The process is completed by running the machine off for your approval. We tailor the depth of our rebuilds to meet your needs.

A complete machine audit is recommended and can be performed by trained Uniloy personnel. An audit sheet is used as a guide to help determine what will be required and assure the desired result.

Customizing Your Machine Rebuild

The following section presents the rebuild options for each area of the machine and downstream. This section also provides pictures of machines and assemblies before and after rebuild. Remember, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your rebuild, we typically recommend the upgrades we have available; however, we can simply repair/replace components with similar technology if that meets your needs.


Worn Clamp before Rebuild



After Rebuild


A properly functioning clamp is a necessity for the production of quality parts with maximum efficiency. Smooth accurate clamp actuation and optimal mold cooling are achieved by applying the following:

  • Complete Clamp Rebuild Using Uniloy Components
  • Enhanced Mold Cooling
  • Central Manual Lube
  • New or Refurbished Platens with Ribs and Plating

Extrusion Head


Quick Flow Head


New quick flow head technology is available for your blowmolding machine. Existing dash 1 and dash 4 style heads can be converted to quick flow style. Front die adjust and bleed screws may also be added for the purpose of reducing parison drop time, reducing machine down time, and improving machine safety. Enhancements in the head area include:

  • Angular Blow Pin Adjustment
  • Quick Flow Head Conversions
  • Sealed Choke Screw Assemblies

Controls Retrofits

Old Relay Controls with Mercury Contacts


New B&R Controls

Replace That Rats Nest


New Allen Bradley Controls


Uniloy controls options include:

  • B&R Control System
  • Allen Bradley Compact Logix

These packages provide improved machine sequence control as well as Ethernet and Modem connectivity.


Air Barrel Cooling


There are a number of beneficial upgrades available for the machine extruder. These upgrades can increase plastic thruput and machine shot capacity. Energy consumption can be reduced and machine safety improved. Extruder enhancements include:

  • ACVF Drive
  • Extended Shot Retrofit
  • Rotary Grease Union
  • Air Barrel Cooling – 2 options
  • High Output Screw


Old 10 HP Hydraulic Unit


New 30 HP Hydraulic Unit


A new or refurbished hydraulic power unit can offer quicker parison drop times and crisp, accurate clamp movement. A machine with insufficient hydraulic capacity will be cycle time limited. Power unit options include:

  • New 15 HP Hydraulic Unit
  • New 30 HP Hydraulic Unit
  • Refurbish existing Unit with Replacement Manifold and Valves
  • Refurbish existing Unit with Replacement Pump and Motor

Air System
Old Air System

New High Flow Air System


The Uniloy High Flow Air System is a must for anyone interested in increasing production by reducing machine cycle times. Benefits include increased flow capacity for both blow and exhaust. The retrofit options include:

  • High Flow Manifold Assembly
  • Air Prep System
  • Air Accumulator Tank


Old Style Clamp Safety Doors


New Clamp Safety Doors


Old Noncompliant Z-Step


New Z-Step and Cooling Bed Crossover


New Clamp Enclosure


Uniloy offers a complete menu of ANSI compliant guarding. This menu provides three fully acceptable methods to guard your blow molding machine. All in house rebuilds, once complete, must be guarded by one of these three methods. A completely guarded machine is equipped with:

  • Complete Clamp Guards
  • Extruder Guarding
  • Extruder Drive Guards
  • Hydraulic System Safeties
  • Complete Downstream Guards

Conveying and Trimming

Old Swing Arm Assembly


10041 Trimmer


There are several upgrades to consider under the conveying and trimming section. Trimmer upgrades which are available for most impact trimmer models provide smoother bucket movement and a strong durable platen drive. The complete list of options includes:

  • Trimmer Platen Drive
  • Plastic Trimmer Buckets
  • ACVF Drive for Impact Trimmer and Cooling Bed
  • Swing Easy Swing Arms

Sales and Service
For more information on molds or machine upgrades, please contact your local Uniloy Representative. Trained Uniloy Service Representatives are available to assist in the installation of these packages at your facility.