More than metal – processing prowess
Lots of suppliers can cut cavities in metal. But Uniloy is North America’s largest supplier of molds and machinery for blow molding applications. We have an intimate knowledge of the blow molding process and how to anticipate problems, leverage advantages, and improve profitability.

With over 145 moldmakers and technicians working 3 shifts to serve you, we can give you a quick turnaround, without compromising the quality of your mold. Our extensive design and production experience delivers the optimal mold for almost any plastic container or part.


Product design
Our team of talented designers and engineers can make your ideas a reality – quickly and cost-effectively. Uniloy can help with lightweighting, structural and mechanical integrity and improving aesthetics. And, no one knows blow molding machine operation like we do. This knowledge ensures unmatched performance in real-world applications. Advanced technologies like 3D design software, digital simulation solutions, and our prototype and 3D printing capabilities all help us fast-track development and explore “what if?” scenarios.


Wide range of processes
Uniloy can manufacture a wide range of molds and tooling, including mold tooling packages for all current Uniloy machine models. We also offer Liberty, Wheel, Continuous Extrusion, Shuttle, Sidel, Krones, Sipa, Krupp and more. Our experience covers a wide range of designs running HDPE, PET, and numerous other resins.


Real-world performance
Unlike other moldmakers who can only deliver theoretical performance testing, Uniloy offers real-world testing and qualification on the latest machine systems.


Specialized PET experience
PET molds and tooling are a specialty at Uniloy. Our team can help with everything from concept to finished tooling. With innovations like our unique designs for specific process needs, 1-piece base tooling that supports multiple platforms, and advanced thread forming capabilities we’re able to offer the industry’s best PET tools quickly and cost-effectively.


Repair and Refurbishment
If your molds just aren’t delivering the quality they used to, a Repair and Refurbish from Uniloy gets them back in top working order. Our 10-step R&R process restores all key functionality at a fraction of the cost of new molds. For more specialized needs, or technology upgrades, we can retrofit your molds. Rental molds are available in many configurations to ensure continued productivity while your molds are being serviced.


Tooling means more than molds 
Trimming has been a bottleneck in the blow molding process in the past; with a Uniloy trim tooling solution this challenge can be readily addressed. We offer trim tooling for rotary-, impact-, and spin-style systems. These packages enable reduced maintenance costs, decreased operator resources, and can help you manage trimming of complex container shapes.