Cost Effectively Improve Your Operation, Sign Up For The Uniloy Quarterly Maintenance Program Today

Whether you are a new or existing customer, Uniloy Milacron has a planned service program available to meet your needs. We are here to help you get the most out of your blow molding operation – from training new machine operators to processing new molds, and everything in between!

Our Mission is to provide the support necessary for our customers to maximize the productivity of each of their Uniloy machines. This program is designed to aid in the effort by providing a pre-planned, cost effective means of achieving regular visits by trained Uniloy service technicians.

Quarterly Maintenance Program
We have a program available for all of our Uniloy machine platforms including Reciprocating Screw, Injection Blow, Industrial Blow, and Structural Foam. This program is for all customers. The duration of this program is one year, and during that year we will provide quarterly visits. Each visit is for five days, which includes travel.

Program Description
While the exact content of program visitation can be tailored to your specific needs, we recommend that the following tasks be completed during each visit:

  • Perform a thorough examination of each functional area of the machine, molds and tooling. Summarize findings into a written report which describes current conditions as well as recommended maintenance or productivity enhancements.
  • Perform preventative maintenance and machine repairs as required.
  • Review preventative maintenance program, parts stocking levels and include findings/ recommendations into the written report.
  • Provide operator and maintenance personnel with “mini training sessions” which can be structured to meet customers time and availability requirements.
  • Perform a complete safety review to insure machine safeties are functioning properly and advise any upgrades necessary to meet current ANSI safety standards.
  • End each visit by sitting down with the appropriate plant personnel to summarize findings and discuss recommended actions.


Program Benefits
Advantages of this program include:

  • It insures that routine maintenance is being taught, performed and executed correctly.
  • It insures that each machine receives a regular, thorough examination.
  • Maintenance issues have a better chance of being detected before they lead to catastrophic failures.
  • Unexpected down time and higher costs associated with last minute emergency service trips are minimized
  • Plant personnel are routinely exposed to trained technicians to whom they can ask questions and from whom they can receive continuing education in a real world production setting.
  • Provides a cost effective means to increase your machine efficiencies and better train your work force. We want to help you maximize your blow mold operation!

Program Pricing

As noted in the chart below, we are offering a discounted labor and travel rate. This pricing schedule remains firm during the life of each program. There is no discount on travel expenses or living expenses, however these pre-planned visits offer the opportunity to save on travel expenses versus having to make last minute arrangements.

In addition to this service rate discount, we are also offering a 5% parts discount for any parts ordered in conjunction with these programs. In order to qualify for this parts discount, the service technician must either initiate the order during his visit or note it on his written report.

Standard Hourly Rates Program Hourly Rates
Day of the Week Travel Rates Service Rates Travel Rates Service Rates
Monday – Friday First 8 Hours $         80.00 $           125.00 $         75.00 $          110.00
Monday – Friday After 8 Hours $         100.00 $           157.00 $         94.00 $         137.50


Conditions of Sale
All pricing is in U.S dollars. Time is calculated portal to portal. There is an eight hour daily minimum charge for all paid service jobs. All invoices will include labor and expenses. An authorized representative of the customer must approve all overtime. In order to get this program started, we request a blanket purchase order for the program year. For the blanket order purposes, we can estimate the program cost based on the frequency and length of visitation desired. Each trip will then be billed individually upon completion based on the rate schedule above. The blanket order should also generally define when the trips are to occur (for example: every three months on the second week of the month). Our goal is to have the service trips scheduled at least a month in advance so we can have the same technician return to your plant each time and also to save you the most money possible on travel expenses.