Finite Element Analysis


Conceptual Container Testing For Optimizing Your Mold Design

Avoid the Top Load Beat Down with the Strength of Uniloy !

A mathematical technique for analyzing stress, Finite Element Analysis is one of the most powerful approaches for approximate solutions to a wide range of problems in geometric physics. One of the more common problems that Finite Element Analysis can expose, which applies to containers, is Top Load. Top Load is a crushing force that deforms containers and is subject to many variables such as wall thickness, empty or full container, type of material, etc.

In our industry, Top Load can be predicted to improve results. Graphics-based FEA software can display the model on screen as it is being built and, after analysis, display the object’s reactions under load conditions. This can lead to:

• Faster Product to Market
• Predictable Results
• Sample Alternative Designs and Materials
• Less Physical Trial and Error
• Lighter Container
• Increased Performance

Our Process 
Based on requirements for a new design or the improvement of an existing container, our procedure will identify potential weaknesses or existing flaws in container Top Load.

Our design team will analyze your conceptual container or existing design in Pro-Engineer 3-D software. The container is studied under stressed conditions that are determined by customer specifications. These specifications replicate potential real world circumstances the container will be exposed to. Our software simulates product behavior under defined test conditions allowing us to approximate real world results. Based on software calculated results, our engineers compare potential outcomes and suggest alternatives to optimize Top Load performance. Suggested alternatives are subject to baseline design criteria, historical data, and existing conditions. Our intent is to subtly alter the container through minor geometric changes and or material distribution to increase container Top Load performance while maintaining aesthetic design intent.

The optimizations can be seen and held with a 3-D sample made on our solid printing device. Unit cavity design and manufacture are available and the improved container can be made on our lab machine. With this option the container will be checked on our Top Load machine to verify accuracy.

Evaluation of container Top Load through our software falls into one of two categories: 1.) An existing container that is under performing or needs improvement. Existing containers include an intrinsic evaluation of actual container Top Load strength through our lab testing.


2.)A proposed container design to be evaluated. New or proposed containers can be a stand alone evaluation or a supplemental service to a Uniloy designed container.

Service for both includes: 

  • 3-D model creation in our CAD system (Please note, imported models can be used but may require an up charge over the below quoted prices)
  • Top Load analysis and stress testing with Pro-Mechanica
  • Easy to grasp visual results that approximate container reaction
  • Recommended improvements to optimize performance and maintain design intent
  • Additional testing if unit tooling is ordered

Results verification for Uniloy built tooling will be available through our lab testing. Our service includes 2 variations, an initial test and a 2nd evaluation with proposed changes. Additional simulations are available.

  • FEA evaluation for an existing, modeled container
    (1-2 week delivery)
  • FEA evaluation for a new or proposed container  
    (2-3 week delivery)
  • FEA evaluation for a new or proposed container as part of a Uniloy supplied mold package  
    (2-3 week delivery)
  • Each additional FEA iteration purchased in conjunction with any of the packages listed above  
    (1-2 week delivery)

As noted above, imported models that require additional manipulation will be evaluated on a case by case basis and additional charges will be quoted. 3-D samples made on our solid printing device, unit cavity design and manufacture, and lab machine testing are all available (as mentioned above) and can be quoted separately upon request.

Be it an upfront investment in downstream success with a conceptual container, or an improvement to an existing container which is failing, our Top Load evaluation process will increase container performance and give confidence to your process. Remove the conjecture with our expertise in predicting the reaction of your container under test conditions!