Industry Evolved

The continual transition, growth and evolution of the manufacturing industries of today are a testament to the technological and organizational achievements and ingenuity that many a country and persons have contributed to over time.


Industry 1.0

In 1784 the first mechanical powered loom was developed and therefore irrevocably changed the textile industry. The introduction of new mechanical or technological developments and systems to manufacturing and processing plants, powered by steam and water brought exponential growth to various industries, cultures and countries.


Industry 2.0

From 1870 to 1914, the Second Industrial Revolution witnessed the expansion of electricity, petroleum and steel. With inventions such as the telephone, internal combustion engine and the more perfected or efficient light bulb industries were able to extend their work beyond the day. Industry 2.0 brought with it the first production line and mass production using electricity. The introduction of division of labor in production was also made possible using electrical power.


Industry 3.0

The 70’s ushered in an electronic revolution to the manufacturing industry. Programmable controls and connected electronics enabled true automation and a rise of robotics and subsequent IT related products. The adoption and proliferation of digital computers, digital storage and newer communication technology marked the beginning of the Digital Revolution and the beginning of the Information Age.


Industry 4.0

The next evolving manufacturing phase is due in part to the growing number of interconnected devices, machines, people and databases. Enabled by the maturation of various technologies including robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, advanced sensor technology, data capture and analysis, 3D printing and the Internet of Things (IoT); manufacturers are facing a world where these technologies are not only interconnected but hyper-aware and highly flexible.



Internet of Things (IoT): the internetworking of physical devices, connected devices/smart devices, buildings, and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

Milacron 4.0

While Industry 4.0 is still globally evolving, Milacron has been at the leading edge of not only developing but implementing the technology, machinery, systems and the infrastructure into real-world plastics manufacturing operations. This integration of technologies has enabled a truly smart manufacturing experience for Milacron clients. The transformative nature of Milacron 4.0 is not just in the machinery but also the data and analytics, specifically how it is captured and processed in a way that becomes meaningful to your operations. Our clients know that capturing data is important, but correcting these data and mechanical inefficiencies is a necessity.

Milacron 4.0 provides a full suite of observational, analytical and transactional systems and services that enable you to improve your plastics operations with a focus on lean manufacturing. Smart manufacturing with Milacron 4.0 will help your organization understand not only your current capabilities but plan for your future manufacturing goals. While many companies may tout their Industry 4.0 experience on paper, very few can show you what it can do for you today. Let Milacron show you what your smart manufacturing operation can be, not tomorrow but today.


Machine To Cloud

Securly connecting your machines to the Milacron cloud quickly enables your machine and systems’ smart processes to provide you with the latest and most timely information about your performance, processing status and output for your plastics machinery.

Machine Portal

Connect from your smart phone, digital tablet or computer and track online what is happening at your plant. With Machine Portal, you have access to key information, everywhere and at all times: production speed, downtime, and other performance indicators. With this information in hand, you can intervene immediately and keep your peace of mind.

Performance Advantages

  • Optimizing productivity
  • Data archiving and compliance
  • Improving quality
  • Managing proactively
  • Increase machine availability
  • Track improvement programs
  • React quickly to problems
  • Manage operations
  • Secure and private
  • Control technician access
  • Reduce downtimes
  • Audit trails and reporting

New & existing fleet access

Milacron 4.0 can utilize Euromap 63 and 77 protocols for all of its Machine to Cloud and interconnected device communications. Euromap 77 is the newest Industry 4.0-ready industry standard for the exchange of data between injection molding machines and central computers or manufacturing execution systems (MES).

OPC UA as the basis

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the field of industrial automation in a number of industries. The OPC Foundation, a non-profit industry association, is responsible for its development. Being platform independent and ensuring the seamless flow of information among multi-vendor devices it serves as an ideal basis for EUROMAP 77.

Developed by the industry for the industry

EUROMAP 77 is being developed by experts from Milacron with support from other competitors and the support of the OPC Foundation and Ascolab GmbH as well as input from the main MES manufacturers. The specification is now published as Release Candidate at

Support for your existing and Future Fleet

Milacron 4.0 provides connected access to the Milacron Cloud and integrated systems for both new and existing plastics machinery, whether they are 3 or 15 years old. This access is made possible through various devices and protocols including our RSSD devices and Euromap 63 protocol. This enables you to monitor, manage and maintain your plastics machinery on-site and remotely regardless of the age of the fleet.


Security 4.0

Milacron 4.0 security is designed to allow secure remote service, machine-to-machine and remote monitoring while isolating each machine and the Customer’s network from each other for the security of both. Utilizing the Milacron and Amphion Remote Service Support Device (RSSD) hardware technology, customers will be able to take advantage of the built-in security of a VPN endpoint device, firewall, and NAT-ing router in one box. Its purpose is to provide a secure connection for remote monitoring and remote access to equipment within a customer facility. The remote service function permits access only to authorized service technicians who connect in usually for the purpose of making diagnostic sessions and Control System adjustments with the machine not running.

Milacron 4.0 provides end-to-end security that is most importantly controlled by you,the customer.

Advanced Analytics

Milacron’s remote monitoring services opens up new ways to view machines and boost productivity. This suite of web browser and smart phone applications provides real time machine data and advanced analytics to maximize your Milacron machine’s output. The applications are available separately and can be bundled together for maximum value. Monitoring a machine through the internet could not be easier.

Remote Monitoring

With Remote Monitoring, you stay connected to your production floor, wherever and whenever you like. Monitor machine and production data to make the right decisions.

Downtime Tracking

Downtime Tracking allows you to view all machine stops, analyze their specific causes and measure the efficiency of your interventions in order to better plan for your demanding production. Thanks to an intuitive system and accurate reports, you can identify downtimes at a glance, see what caused them, establish their frequency and correct the problem. Downtime Tracking is the best way to boost your productivity.

Performance Advantages

  • Optimizing productivity
  • Data archiving and compliance
  • Improving quality
  • Managing proactively
  • Increase machine availability
  • Track improvement programs
  • React quickly to problems
  • Manage operations
  • Secure and private
  • Control technician access
  • Reduce downtimes
  • Audit trails and reporting

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Measuring OEE is a manufacturing best practice and gold standard for measuring productivity. By measuring OEE and the underlying losses, you will gain important insights on how to systematically improve your manufacturing process. Milacron’s Remote Monitoring Advanced Analytics platform calculates your machine’s OEE. Not only will it identify the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive, it will greatly enhance your ability to analyze the process in question and focus on the root causes.



Remote Service

Actively monitoring your plastics machinery is critical to the optimal product output and longevity of the machinery. However, this doesn’t preclude you from technical problems. Milacron helps you with Remote Service, a new way to service machines that are designed to speed up and simplify repairs anywhere in the world.


With Remote Service, a Milacron expert can connect instantly to your machine and start carrying out repairs. In the vast majority of cases, your problem can be fixed online in less than two hours. No waiting around and no technician call-out charges. This means a very quick return on investment.

  • Majority of problems can be resolved online in less than 2 hours
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) access remotely via secure connection
  • Quick and precise diagnostic tool
  • On-Demand service with 24/7 access


Even if a problem is not immediately resolvable via the diagnostic tools, our on-demand remote support allows our technical experts to quickly and precisely provide assistance in determining and resolving your machine and systems issues.

KEY Benefits

  • Connect experts to your machines remotely, instead of sending them
  • Reduce machine downtime, improve productivity and profit
  • Increase equipment performance and utilization, reduce labor cost
  • Over 60% of problems solved online
  • Service technicians solve more problems for more customer in the same amount of time
  • OEE initiatives are generally ten times more cost-effective than purchasing additional equipment capacity, and over time can reduce major capital expenditure by 50%
  • As OEE increases, total energy consumption per unit produced is reduced which results in the manufacturer’s cost footprint being reduced.
  • Remote Service uses an IT platform that has used securely since its inception in 1999. It allows our experts to establish a secure connection with your machine via the internet. This connection can be securely maintained for on demand service with 24/7 monitoring, or you can control access for repair-by-repair use. We also provide you with a completely transparent machine access report on demand.


Interactive Technical Manual

Keep your equipment operating at peak performance. Plastics processors everywhere have a new weapon for efficient machine maintenance. Milacron developed the industry’s first Interactive Technical Manual™ (ITM) – a convenient tool for laptops, tablet computers and Mosaic+ Controls that makes it easier than ever to keep equipment operating at peak performance.

Schematic Display

Milacron’s ITM gives machine technicians immediate access to critical, detailed information about their plant equipment with its easy, intuitive navigation via an HTML browser. The interactive schematics display a graphical representation of each functional cycle stage. Innovative troubleshooting flow diagrams assist technicians in determining which component is creating the problem, offer recommendations for resolving the issue and aid in determining the correct part number.

  • Traces hydraulic oil flow, pressure and return for each machine state
  • Combines hydraulic circuit with conventional bar chart
  • Represents actual valve position for each machine state

Instructional Videos

In addition, the ITM comes with training videos to help customers deal with another pressing need: the widening skills gap. The ITM’s instructional videos reduce training costs by offering insights into machine layout, operation and installation, preventative maintenance, the hydraulic circuit and electrical schematic, component overview and the machine control. Maintenance staff can easily identify a machine part number from the instructional videos, schematics and component images.


The ITM is icon-driven with extensive search capabilities, navigation and zoom. Currently standard on both the Magna T Servo and Maxima Servo injection product lines, it can also be customized to other Milacron injection molding machines.


  • Troubleshooting videos and flowcharts
  • Detailed photos of machines
  • Interactive schematics
  • Instructor videos giving insights on components
  • Hydraulic component part number identification
  • Easy icon navigation
  • Electronic copy of machine documentation
  • Overview video covers installation, preventative maintenance and control operation


Interactive Parts Catalog

This powerful technology allows access to injection molding machine part information online, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Enabling purchasing managers, service technicians, and maintenance personnel access to accurate information the moment it is required, can reduce your machine downtime. Parts information is searchable by serial or model number, part number, vendor number, and description. Customer specific pricing and real time inventory are only a click away.

Electronic Parts Catalog

Finding parts is fast and easy. It is no longer necessary for maintenance, service, and purchasing personnel to browse through outdated hard copy manuals or PDF files to answer questions related to parts on your machine. Milacron’s online parts catalog provides instant access to 3D rendered parts and information updated in real-time. Reduce time quoting by coordinating customer specific pricing for each part on your Milacron fleet through this online tool.

2D and 3D

The multimedia display, allows users to interact with parts data in multiple formats including pictures, interactive 3D renderings, 2D hot-spotted diagrams, audio files and video files. Users can easily switch from different views when identifying a part. The multimedia display also eliminates the costly mistake of ordering the wrong parts and provides visual tools to facilitate service installation or training. Interactive 3D allows you to rotate, explode and interact more naturally with your Milacron machines.

Performance Advantages

  • Finding parts is fast and easy
  • Instant access to parts information updated in real-time
  • Reduce time quoting
  • Order the correct parts quickly and accurately
  • Interact with parts data in multiple formats
  • Eliminate the costly mistake of ordering the wrong parts

eSTore Connected

Ordering the correct parts quickly and accurately is vital to production. The Milacron eStore connected Interactive Parts Catalog (IPC) tool makes ordering the correct part as simple as point and click. With the use of intuitive functions, users can place parts into a cart to order immediately or save for review at a later time. The part information is displayed in a format that allows users to feel confident that the correct part is being ordered the first time.


Milacron eStore™

The Milacron eStore ( is a one-stop destination for all Milacron branded injection, extrusion and blow molding machine parts (Milacron, Ferromatik, Uniloy). It also supplies all hot runner systems, parts and spare mold components and industrial supplies (Mold-Masters and DME). The eStore instantly connects you to the products you need, day or night. The eStore will help reshape the future of your businesses with the click of a button or the touch of a screen.


The eStore features a robust interactive configuration engine that allows user to see their changes in real time for mold bases, hot runners and machines through customized dashboards and extensive search capabilities.


Users will have the ability to order products directly or request a quote all in the user-friendly site. Quotes and delivery times are estimated instantaneously. Users will also have the access to review past purchases.

Connect to parts Experts

When you can’t find the parts you need or have questions, our eStore quick chat connects you to a Milacron parts expert to help provide more information and insights to help you get you what you need, when you need it.


The eStore contains a library of CAD drawings for a vast amount of Milacron machinery for review and download into your CAD program for use in mold layouts.


The eStore is Windows, Mac and iOS friendly, so you can be assured a robust interactive experience whether you’re at your desk, on the shop floor or on the road.

For more information refer to the training video:


Maintenance Advantage Program

Milacron Maintenance Advantage Program (MAP) will minimize the effect of Downtime for your machinery and operations. The MAP focus is on root cause failure analysis, thus preventing rework. By designing proper routines, Milacron can optimize equipment maintenance and reduce operating cost. Milacron measures its performance and can prove a return on your investment.

Program Details

Our program is designed to address operational challenges. As each program can be tailored to your specific needs our program includes:

  • Thorough examination (baseline) of each functional area of your machine. We summarize our findings into a comprehensive written report outlining current conditions as well as recommended maintenance and productivity enhancements to include recommended parts stocking levels.
  • Comprehensive plan to address needed repairs to maximize productivity and reliability.
  • Complete safety review to insure your machines safeties are functioning properly and advise any upgrades necessary to meet current ANSI safety standards.
  • Tailored preventative maintenance program to maximize up-time based on your duty cycle and production requirements.

Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly

We are able to create a customized program to meet your needs. Contact a Milacron representative to get more information on the variety of preventive maintenance programs.

Beyond Service

The Milacron Maintenance Advantage Program is more than just a service plan; it is a partnership. The MAP program can be an integral part of addressing your operational challenges while working to develop and implement your vision of operational excellence. Milacron can support you across the entire process and into the measurement of your vision.

Connected to Technology

The Milacron MAP’s field team utilizes a dynamic service platform to support the large installed base of machinery. The entire suite of Milacron 4.0 tools are brought to bear when only the best service will suffice. While these tools provide exceptional technological support, our teams are also connected to the vast resources of Milacron through interactive tools such as global machine’s networking and video conferencing from the field and can harness the power of many to get our customers back up and running.


Milacron 4.0 Brochure

Milacron 4.0

Milacron 4.0 provides your operations and management with the tools and services needed to improve and increase your OEE, your performance/output and your overall uptime. With a greater level of transparency and control over your machines and actionable information, you will see a greater potential for success with the highly secure integrated solutions offered through the Milacron 4.0 offering regardless of the age and number of machines in your operations.

Contact your Milacron sales representative today to learn how Milacron 4.0 can benefit your operations.