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Mold Bases & Plates                                                   Control Systems
PDF Catalog (22.47MB)                                             PDF Catalog (4.99MB)

Mold-Components-cover                            MUD-Quick-Change-cover

Mold Components                                                     MUD Quick-Change
PDF Catalog (11.36MB)                                           PDF Catalog (5.2MB)

Equipt&Supp-cover                           Die-Cast-cover

Equipment & Supplies                                             Die Cast
PDF Catalog (2.8MB)                                              PDF Catalog (1.9MB)

Industrial-Supplies-cover                           hot-runner-coverm-cover

Industrial Supplies                                                    Hot Runner & Control Systems
PDF Catalog (27.34MB)                                          PDF Catalog (4.96MB)

Individual Catalog Sections
Section A – Equipment
Section B – Machine Parts
Section C – Tooling Supplies
Section D – Shop Supplies
Section E – Cooling Supplies
Section F – Temp & Voltage Control
Section G – Cutters & Trimmers
Section H – Releases, Lubricants & Adhesives
Section I – Safety Supplies