Here is an excerpt of retrofits from the Milacron brand Ferromatik.
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Improved flexibility

The stand-alone injection unit is your easy entry into multi-component technology. The device is all-electric, saves energy, and comes in three vertical and five horizontal sizes. A hydraulic system drives the injection unit’s carriage movement. Additional features: separate electrical cabinet with control and servo-amplifiers, and a MOSAIC operator terminal with 10.4″ touch screen.

Your advantages at a glance:

+ Fast upgrading for almost all machines
+ Improved machine flexibility based on real-life production needs
+ User-friendly online help

Technical Data ASE


Reliable performance

The linear robot FMR comes in eight sizes and two speed levels (Basic Flexible and High Speed). The device is completely integrated into the MOSAIC user interface and provides central data administration for the entire production cell. The Eco function automatically optimizes axial movements, consuming little energy at high throughput. Other FMR options include a telescoping axis or a complete servomotor-driven turning axis.
Your advantages at a glance:

+ Flexible customized assembly
+ Reliable data administration for machine and robot
+ Easy operation with MOSAIC user interface and teach pendant

Flyer FMR


More intuitive machines

Do you still own a machine with a Phillips control and are eager for state-of-the-art technology? No problem! We will rebuild your machine for B&R control with MOSAIC user interface developed by Ferromatik. Of course, some parts will need to be replaced, such as the position measuring devices, pressure sensors, and cables.
We also re-install the robot interface and adapt it to the Euromap 67 standard.

Your advantages at a glance:

+ Intuitive machine operation
+ Implementation of special programs
+ Freely editable core pull programming


Enhanced energy conservation

The electric screw drive is a completely stand-alone drive of the injection unit. It lets the plasticizing process run in parallel to other functions of the clamping unit. This relieves pressure on the hydraulic pump and saves up to 15% in total energy consumption. We especially recommend this upgrade to a hybrid injection molding machine for applications with high output and fast cycle times. We will gladly advise you.

Your advantages at a glance:

+ Reduces cycle times by parallel processes
+ Relieves the pump drive
+ High shot weight constancy


Superior productivity

The integrated turntable for multi-component machines is attached at the moving mold platen. It turns this half of the mold axially by 90°, 120° or 180°. For 90° turns, the intermediate position can be used as cooling time, thus reducing the cycle time.

Your advantages at a glance:

+ Easy mold assembly
+ Increased productivity through fast rotation
+ High positioning accuracy of the turntable


Short cycle times – improved performance

Core pulls are freely programmable to meet the different requirements of the individual mold, as well as part ejection. If required, all cores can also be individually controlled. Ask us about our special program “Freely editable core puller” – it might be worth your while!

Your advantages at a glance:

+ Flexible programming of the cores
+ Shorter cycle times with parallel functions
+ Permanent monitoring of state of core puller functions


Precision mold filling

Cascading injection molding, also called sequential injection molding, is used to produce large-surface, thin-walled molded parts with several injection starting points. The process is designed to avoid the weld lines that usually result with conventional mold filling. In cascading injection molding, the filling begins from a mold valve gate; subsequent valve gates are only opened when the material has arrived at the gate.

Your advantages at a glance:

+ Improved surface structure
+ Increased part stability
+ Reduced injection pressure