All E-Multi auxiliary injection units are actuated by high powered electric servos. Compared to hydraulic systems, servos offer unbeatable and proven:

  • Precision
  • Repeatability
  • Speed
  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reliability


Precision is a critical component of molded part quality and minimizes scrap. E-Multi servos drive barrel screws whose position can be controlled to within 0.01mm. This shot volume control on smaller E-Multi units means that shot weight can be managed to a weight variation as little as 0.004g.


As with any molding process, repeatability is key to ensuring you get consistent results. Since electric servos have built in high speed closed loop precise control, E-Multi guarantees the same defined movements time and time again. Hydraulic systems on the other hand have a higher variance since they cannot operate with the same level of accuracy.


Compared to traditional pneumatic or hydraulic systems, high powered servos give E-Multi high injection acceleration, precision movements and fastest response times. This special combination allows E-Multi to operate with reliable cycle times under 5 seconds.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce your energy consumption by up to 60%. Since servos are fully electric they are also significantly more energy efficient to operate than hydraulic alternatives. Hydraulic systems require continuous power for actuation and holding. E-Multi’s fully electric operation also makes it suitable for clean room applications.


E-Multi can be found in a wide range of global operations processing a variety of resins in many challenging applications. The proof can be seen in many of the molded part examples produced by some of the biggest brands.