Mold-Masters offers a wide range of hot runners designed to cater to the specific needs and demands of the industries and markets we serve. We recognize the differences in each, and as such, have developed solutions to optimize the molding performance of your hot runner system no matter your application or choice of resin. With one of the largest R&D budgets in the industry, Mold-Masters has developed 5 unique hot runner series focused on delivering the highest molded part quality possible while improving operational efficiency by reducing scrap and energy consumption.

Summit-Series hot runners represent our latest technological advancements. Featuring new proprietary heater technology and stainless-steel construction, Summit hot runners combine our most precise thermal profile with ultimate corrosion and chemical resistance.  Delivering peak performance when molding shear and temperature sensitive resins like PC, POM and PBT. Ideal for medical, personal care and technical applications.


Exclusive Precision Heater Technology

  • Superior thermal profile (5% max variation*) for optimized processing window and improved balance.
  • Smaller OD than heater bands minimizes cut out dimensions.
  • Reliability that often outlasts the life of the tool.

Full Stainless-Steel Construction

  • Prevents premature wear of internal parts from corrosive or abrasive resins that can lead to contamination defects of molded parts.

Focused Shot Capacity Range

  • Shot sizes from <1g to 50g.

Many Available Gating Styles

  • 11 valve gated and thermal gating options to suit a range of molding applications.


*Based on internal lab testing results.