This reference chart is intended to give an overview of various types of extrusion dies available from Genca and their typical application, along with certain key features. Please note that for each of these dies Genca has many different versions. Therefore , specific application should be discussed with Genca Sales Engineers in selecting the optimal design. Also, Please note that this short brochure does not cover the many crossheads and other products available. (See Pages for Medical and Wire & Cable Products.)

Die Name, Model and Size Typical Application Design Schematic Die Features
Flange Die FD 1/2″ to 6″
  • Solid Shapes without enclosed sections
  • Available for all extruders (bolt or clamp type).
  • Available With Die nut for sizes up to 3″ Dia.
  • Available with quick-change die plate all sizes.
  • Available with or without replaceable die.
Multi Durometer Die
MDD 3/8″ to 20″ (See Note 5)
  • Solid Shapes without enclosed sections.
  • Available up to 4 durometer sections.
  • Available for rubber and thermoplastic.
  • Each MDD is custom designed.
  • Larger sizes available as special.
  • Available with air/vacuum attachment.
Spider Die
SD 1/2″ to 20″ (See Note 5)
  • Solid Shapes and shapes having closed sections.
  • Available with die centering.
  • Available with air/vacuum attachment.
  • Available with striping option.
  • Available with skin coat options.
  • Available with die/bushing heat(large sizes Only).
In-Line Spiral Die
HPI 3/4″ to 8.5″
(See Note 5)
  • Solid shapes and shapes having closed sections.
  • Products needing minimal weld/stress lines.
  • Minimum weld/stress lines and stripe/skin coat.
  • Available with quick-change design for tools.
  • Available with heated pin and flow mandrel (larger sizes only).
  • Available with die/bushing centering.
  • Available with die/bushing heat.

Flat Hose Die FHD 1/2″ to 6″
(See Notes 5)

  • Collapsible hoses with reinforcing sock:
  1. Fire Hoses
  2. Garden Hoses
  • Available in designs for hoses using same polymer inside and outside OR different polymers for inside and outside with or without reinforcing sock.
  • Complete sysytem available for handling the reinforcing sock.
Reinforced HoseMRH1/2″ to 4″
  • Multi-layer hose with reinforcing:
  1. Bilge/Drain
  2. Potable
  • Tandem setup and available in two, three and four layers.
  • Die Centering available.
  • Available in spider, multi-channel and spiral flow designs.
  • Available with Air/Vaccum attachment.
1/2″ to 12″(See Note 5)
  • Co-extrusion of up to three layers.
  • Designed for demanding three layer co-extruded products.
  • Die Centering from from front.
  • Available for single, two layer, three layer and multi-stripe versions.
  • Gum space adjustmentavailable in single and two layer version.
  • Air and Vacuum attachment available.
Rotating Die Head
1″ to 3″
  • Tubes requiring internal or external spiral features.
  • Solid rounds requiring external spiral features.
  • Available with tip/pin rotation (internal spirals).
  • Available with die/bushing rotation(external spirals).
  • Available with rpm coordinated with line speed.
  • Available with or without the drive subsystem.
DISC Die Head
1/4″ to 1-1/2″
  • Multi-layer, co-extruded products using ploymers of different melt temperature.
  • Available in up to five layers.
  • Can handle dissimilar stock temp compounds.
  • Conial spiral flow design.
  • Reduces weld/stress lines and improves burst strength.
  • Easy to change compounds to different layers.
  • Micro center adjustment.
Multi-Strand Die
Up to .312″
  • Coating Wires.
  • Coating yarns.
  • Coating Fiber.
  • Single or two Colors.
  • Available in four, six and eight strands.
  • Available in single color or two
  • Two colors can be in any proportion.
  • Available in fixed center and adjustable versions.
  • Flow to any strand can be independently controlled up to shutoff.

Two Temp, Two Layer Die 2T2L

1/4″ to 3″

  • Dual layer, co-extrusion requiring high temperature differential.
  • Die Centering from the front.
  • Tip/bushing/ID heat control available.
  • Flow sepration design.
  • Quick change die design available.
  1. Genca Extrusion dies are available in heat-treated tool steels, heat-treated stainless steel, 4140 nitrided, inconel and tool steels with electroless nickel plate finish. Chrome plating is an available option.
  2. All dies are supplied complete with heaters, thermocouples and user’s Manual.
  3. Assembly/Disassembly tools are available for all dies.
  4. Larger/heavier dies are available mounted on a hydraulic lift table.
  5. Dies larger than 6″ to 20″ Diameter are manufactured as special order.