All TempMaster controllers come standard with touch screen controls that feature screen sizes that range from 2″ to 16″. Sized appropriately for the features of each controller it is paired with, TempMaster interfaces are highly intuitive. Operators can quickly familiarize themselves and get back into production with minimal training. Every function is quickly accessible being no more than 2 buttons away. On our advanced M2 platform, our largest screen sizes make available the most complete level of detailed information and features, taking  full advantage of our large screen sizes and instantaneous response rates.

  • Temperature (Actual)
  • Temperature Range
  • Temperature Min.
  • Temperature Max.
  • Temperature Deviation
  • Deviation Alarms
  • Power % Output
  • Current (A)
  • Volts
  • Watts & Kw per hour
  • Resistance (ohms)
  • And More


Attach zone labels and adjust temperature settings directly to GA drawings or mold images with “EasyView”. Greatly simplifies complicated molds and work environments improving operator experience and convenience.






Intelligent guides like “Purge Wizard” provide step by step instructions to clear resins from the system for faster color changes. Takes into account variables like resin type, temperature and the type of IMM. Minimizes downtime to keep your operation in production.






*Control screens vary. TempMaster M2 control screens shown