Extrusion Crossheads

et_crossheads_1All extrusion crossheads and tools are available in stainless steel, high-temperature steel (Inconel) and high-strength tool steel, except the TRI-DIE. Other metals are available as special. Metallurgy of all crossheads is controlled through heat treatment to obtain optimum life.

All melt flow channels, spiral, multi-channels or tapered are precision designed and manufactured to obtain balanced flow over full range of operation. Assembly/disassembly tool kit is available for all extrusion crossheads.et_crossheads_2

All extrusion crossheads are assembled by Quality Assurance, checked for compliance to engineering acceptance specifications and certified in the User’s Manual. Genca also offers trade-in on certain used crossheads and can rebuild Genca crossheads.

Crossheads for products greater than 7″ to 20″ are available, but are manufactured on special order.

EXTRUSION TOOLINGet_crossheads_3

Genca has been developing extrusion tools for wire and cable applications for over 70 years and has a highly-skilled and experienced staff of Design Engineers, Process Engineers and Journeymen Toolmakers, supported by state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and engineering software.

During these 70 years, Genca has developed thousands of tips and dies from simple single conductor to complex multi-conductors, multi-layer, multi-stripe and special shape constructions. This experience, along with our emphasis on customer service , makes Genca the best source for all your extrusion tooling.

Genca can also supply replacement tools for most OEM crossheads.


Principles of Helicoid: Balance Flow “Distribution”

The Helicoid design incorporated in the Genca crosshead provides a balanced flow of the extrudate which is distributed evenly over the wire conductor or tube extrusion. This uniform distribution is maintained regardless of changes in the extruder’s RPM. Through the assistance of a mechanically balanced device, referred to by Genca as a Helicoid, the manufacturer is now given a build-in control over the process. This allows the user to reduce the amount of excess material in order to achieve a concentric cable that has a uniform wall thickness.

This type of design incorporates an even pressure drop within the crosshead die, which ensures repeatable performance and control of the extrudate over the core being insulated or jacketed.

Tips & Dies

Whether you need a new design or an OEM replacement, you can always trust Genca Engineering to deliver exceptional quality and precision craftsmanship in every tip & die we manufacture.

If you need tips & dies in a flash, you’ll find that Genca Engineering has a large selection of the most popular styles and sizes in stock and ready to ship If your extrusion processes require unique extrusion tips & dies, you should take advantage of our Customer Stocking Program, so Genca will be sure to have all your specific extrusion tips & extrusion die readily available whenever you need them.

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Flanges & Clamps / Models & Services

If it’s flange clamps or tube clamps that you need, then it’s Genca at your service. Just like all our other exceptional products, Genca designs and engineers Flanges & Clamps to perform under extreme conditions. So you can be sure to find the highest quality and service in everything we produce.


Services offered include:

  • Designing Flanges and Clamps
  • New Manufactured Flanges and clamps

Breaker Plates

GENCA supplies a wide variety of breaker plate extrusion, including replacements for most OEM’s. Genca designs high-engineered and premiums quality breaker plate to deliver the best throughput for any application extrusion needs.


GENCA supplies a wide variety of swing gates and clamp design. Tables are available for GENCA’s larger (heavier) heads. These tables support heads during positioning, cleaning, assembly and disassembly. Many of these have hydraulic assist designs.


Genca maintains heaters in stock for all common sizes of X-heads/inline heads. Most common types of heaters kept in stock are:

  • Micaband heaters
  • Cast aluminum heaters
  • Cast bronze heaters (Higher temperature applications)
  • Inconel heaters (high temperature applications)
  • Heater blankets

We also keep special application heaters for our customers in stock at customers request at no charge to the customer.

Check Valves

injectionCustom & Standard Check Valves

Quick Delivery and Competitive Pricing! GENCA can provide check valves to help with your most difficult processing problems or applications. Many standard size valves are available in stock or GENCA engineers can assist with your Injection check valve design requirements.

GENCA custom designed check valves feature a non-return ring with a reusable retainer and replaceable front seat, check ring and rear seat wear cLinksomponents. They also include a self-cleaning design that allows the plastic melt to flow without obstruction.

Repeater Valve™ – The Check Valve for Precision Control

The Repeater Valve™ was designed to provide the injection molding industry with high-performance non-return valve technology to minimize scrap and to improve manufacturing efficiencies. Canterbury Engineering is the exclusive manufacturer of this injection molding non-return valve technology.

4-Piece Free-Flow Valves

The 100% Free-Flow Valve features a replaceable front seat with full ring contact and axial-angular flow slots. Other features include a non-directional check ring and matched shut-off angles. Only premium tool steels with a highly polished finish are used in the manufacture. Special heat treating provides maximum wear and required ductility.

End Caps and Adapters


Replacement end caps for all major injection molding machines can be manufactured in your choice of stainless steel and other material designed for corrosive or abrasive use. Common sizes and application end caps are kept in stock. In addition, GENCA has the resources to design custom end caps to meet new processing demands or applications.

GENCA close tolerance end caps and adapters are heat treated (Nitrided), premium tool steels, with highly polished inner surfaces.

Air Operated, Pin Type Shut-Off Nozzles

These advanced nozzles provide fast acting, full flow design that will increase part production and reduce cycle times. They also stop drooling problems. Features include heater bands and thermocouple well for separate zone control and blow back protection. Uses include structural foam applications and they also used as a direct gate into the part.

Quick-Color Change

Crossheads / Quick-Color Change System

Genca’s Quick-Change Color System keeps production up and costs down with a double-bleed port design that allows plastic to flow in alternating succession from two primary or piggyback extruders. This unique “No Bleed” system eliminates the excess downtime and scrap normally associated with changing the base color and striping by quickly performing these processes during a continuous production run. Genca’s Quick-Change Color System offers either single striping, dual striping, triple striping and/or skin layering.

All Genca Engineering Crossheads can be adapted to the Quick-Change Color System, or Genca will gladly custom design and manufacture a Quick-Change Color System to fit your specific application.