Electronics and Telecom

Electronics and Telecom

Plastic Processing Solutions for The Electronics and Telecom Industries

Milacron’s plastic processing solutions help customers in the electronics and telecom industries remain competitive, as well as relevant, in today’s global market. Our products allow manufacturers to increase product development cycles, while maintaining parts quality and consistency.

We offer cutting-edge plastic processing solutions designed to increase manufacturing efficiency for a wide range of products in the electronics and telecom markets, from smartphones and laptops to connectors and sensors. Our technologies are capable of multiple-mold processes and simultaneous operations to reducing part assembly and post-molding costs.

More than machines, Milacron is your complete lifecycle partner. Our focus is helping you leverage technologies to optimize your processes, increase your production, and maximize your profits.

Common applications

Below are just a few examples of electronics and telecom products our plastic processing solutions can create.

Connectors and sensors
Wire and Cable
Underground Vaults
Junction Boxes

Your Partner In Plastic Processing

Milacron transforms plastics into possibilities.

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