Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Plastic Processing Solutions for The Consumer Goods Industry

Milacron plastic processing solutions give consumer product manufacturers the flexibility and production capacity to accommodate high-volume, high-quality outputs. With an eye towards sustainability, our technologies allow producers to quickly and affordability manufacture everyday items for the consumer goods market.

As more traditional materials are replaced with high-quality plastics, consumer product manufacturers need cutting-edge multi-component, co-injection, and structural foam technologies. Milacron’s advanced plastic processing technologies enable consumer goods manufacturers to leverage new materials and processes. We constantly innovate new ways to increase production and decrease cost.

More than machines, Milacron is your complete lifecycle partner. From everyday items to specialty housewares, we focus on helping you leverage our technologies to optimize your processes, increase your production, and maximize your profits.

Common Applications

Below are just a few examples of consumer goods our plastic processing solutions can create.

Sports equipment
Home appliances
Makeup containers
Convenience goods
Storage containers

Your Partner In Plastic Processing

Milacron transforms plastics into possibilities.

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