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A next-generation machine in Milacron’s fleet, the M-Series showcases cutting-edge two-platen technology and exceptional efficiency. 

The M-Series, powered by an energy-efficient FANUC servo-motor hydraulic system, is the gold standard in rugged reliability. The all-new mid-tonnage product line is designed for the demands of global automotive, houseware/appliances, construction, and similar molded parts with its enhanced machine specifications and performance.

The M-Series servo-hydraulic package delivers exceptional performance and energy savings.

600-1250 US
550-1100 Metric

Available Tonnage

Cutting Edge Two Platen Technology


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North America
South America

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Designed for your bottom line, the M-Series is a workhorse built to perform. 

The bi-directional hydraulic pump is engineered for rapid pressure control while operating at a lower maintenance cost. The closed-loop system also improves cycle precision and repeatability. 

Leveraging the servo motors in combination with hydraulic components gives the M-Series exceptional repeatability with 45-60% less energy consumption over induction motor machines.


The M-Series comes standard with features that increase efficiencies and decrease downtime. An improved clamp design provides a greaseless part drop area, precise alignment, and increased access to the ejection plate. The new mid-tonnage product line lower centerline promotes an ergonomic design allowing for improved access to mold area and ease of mold maintenance.

Developed with customer needs as a baseline, the M-Series also comes with a suite of optional features to meet your production environment.

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