The eQ-Series all-electric performance technology sets industry standards.

Milacron’s eQ-Series is the newest offering in our all-electric line of machines. This platform is entirely controlled by the latest generation of servo drives, resulting in maximized acceleration, precise control, and reduced cycle times. Our Regenerative Servo Drive technology also lowers energy consumption by feeding excess energy back to the power supply.

Engineered for greater rigidity, eQ-Series’ proven performance gives you the freedom to produce almost anything with one machine. Cleanroom ready, this machine is ideal for applications that demand precise process control, high-speed injections, and consistent repeatability.

The result of years of dedication and experience, the eQ-Series sets industry standards for all-electric injection molding machines without water and oil needed.

50-650 Metric

Available Tonnage

0.5 Second

Average Cycle Reduction

Available In

North America
South America

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The mold is a critical part of the injection molding process. Our Mold and Ejector Protection technology comes standard on all eQ machines and helps you increase the longevity of your molds. A continuous monitoring system, this technology is a closed-loop process that senses the presence of leftover articles from the last process cycle or any foreign object between the core and the cavity. 

Coupled with high-speed responsiveness, superior motion control, and programmable clamp tolerances, our Mold and Ejector Protection technology minimizes repair costs and reduces downtime without sacrificing speed.


With high levels of built-in process customization, the eQ-Series comes with standard features capable of producing specialized items. The eQ’s all-new clamp system is mounted on the LM guideways providing precise movement with no frictional losses. Our high-performance injection unit offers selectable injection dynamics that support special applications and improve component life. The eQ-Series also comes equipped with a powerpack inside the base of the machine. This reduces the overall footprint and the need to invest in an external powerpack.

Developed with excellence as a baseline, the eQ-Series also comes with a suite of optional features to meet your production environment.

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