Reclamation- Granulator Solutions

Milacron's CM-DOC series electrostatic oil cleaner for plastic manufacturing.
Reclamation- Granulator Solutions


Milacron’s material reclamation solutions are engineered to help you get more from your materials and your machines. Our shredders allow you to recycle plastic by reducing it to manageable sizes. Granulators further reduce the size of recycled plastic to less than 0.01 inch (0.2 mm). By reusing materials, you can lower production costs, decrease your environmental impact, and utilize different technologies that allow you to create more products. 

Our line of reclamation and granulator solutions range from Low RPM Screenless Granulators (made for quality regrind expectations when grinding runners), Beside the Press Top Load and Front Load Granulators (for parts and runners), to Large Part Central Granulators and Shredders (for taking on the largest part applications). These reclamations systems are available to be equipped with Metal Detection, Conveyor Loading Systems, Integrated Blower Evacuation Packages, and Bulk Storage Capabilities for the regrind produced.

Whatever reclamation application challenges you, our experienced process engineers can help design the reclamation system tailored to your production needs.

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