Plastic Processing Solutions for The Automotive Industry

Milacron has worked with the automotive industry for decades developing successful technologies known for best-in-class uniform distribution of material, and consistent quality of parts.

Cars can contain up to 10,000 plastic parts, and Milacron’s processing solutions are capable of producing nearly all of them, both large and small. We help drive the automotive industry forward, allowing manufacturers to churn out high-strength, low-weight and fuel-efficient components.

More than machines, Milacron is your lifecycle partner. From large exterior parts to crystal-clear lenses, we focus on helping you leverage our technologies to optimize your processes, enhance your production and help maximize your profits.

Common Applications

Below are just a few examples of automotive components Milacron plastic processing solutions can create.

Car lenses
Filter components
Caps and covers
Car handles
Wall panels
Door handles
Knobs and switches

Featured Products

Milacron has a wide range of plastic injection molding machines and plastic processing technologies that give manufactures in the automotive industry a competitive edge.

Your Partner In Plastic Processing

Milacron transforms plastics into possibilities.

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