Milacron Locations

Welcome to Milacron LLC, a privately held company with the widest range of plastics processing equipment, technologies and services in the world. With more than 4,100 talented employees, our global team is dedicated to equipping our customers with the competitive advantage they need to succeed.

A rapidly growing company with world-class capabilities across five businesses – Milacron Plastics Machinery, Mold-Masters Hot Runner and Process Control Systems, DME Mold Technologies, Milacron Aftermarket and CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology – we have the scale, technological leadership, international presence and competitive positioning to deliver value-added solutions to more customers in more markets around the world.

Global Strength, Growing Value for Manufacturers

We know our customers are counting on us for more every day.

That's why we're constantly reinvesting in the R&D, expertise and talent it takes to support our customers around the world...

In North America, where we’re continuing a unique campaign to advance our manufacturing customers’ success with technologies, expertise and support.

In Europe, where we’re driving innovation by cultivating strategic partnerships and enhancing in-house research and development capabilities.

In South America, Africa and other hotspots, where we're building out operations and creating new relationships to support increasing demands.

In India and China, where we’re
rapidly expanding our manufacturing footprint amid the world’s fastest-
growing markets.

In the process, we're helping manufacturers everywhere improve productivity, cut costs, increase energy efficiency, eliminate scrap, reduce cycle times and do whatever else it takes to succeed in today's complex global economy.

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