Mold-Masters offers a wide range of hot runners designed to cater to the specific needs and demands of the industries and markets we serve. We recognize the differences in each, and as such, have developed solutions to optimize the molding performance of your hot runner system no matter your application or choice of resin. With one of the largest R&D budgets in the industry, Mold-Masters has developed 5 unique hot runner series focused on delivering the highest molded part quality possible while improving operational efficiency by reducing scrap and energy consumption.

Fusion Series G2 style nozzles were developed to accommodate the production requirements of the small to large part segment, common in automotive applications, who value higher shot capacities, extended nozzle lengths and quick in-field serviceability.


Wide Range of Shot Weight Capacities

  • Capable of shot sizes from <15g to over 3,500g.

Standard Nozzle Lengths up to 1,000 mm

  • Available in any specified length up to the maximum to suit the varying applications of any mold design.

Marine Brass Heater Sleeves

  • Heater channels are tested and optimized for exceptional thermal balance and consistency along the length of the nozzle unlike traditional heater bands.
  • Excellent thermal profile for extending processing window, preventing resin degradation.
  • Multi-zone heat control along extended nozzle lengths allows for precision adjustments to the molding process.
  • Snap Retaining Ring is easily removed for field disassembly and replacement of sleeves in seconds.

Threaded Nozzle Base

  • Nozzles screw directly into the hot runner manifold for enhanced leak protection and quick disassembly.