Mold-Masters hot runners feature iFLOW manifold technology. Our patented 2pc manifold manufacturing technique allows for much greater flexibility of melt channel layout possibilities and higher performance. Traditional gun drilled manifold designs on the other hand are limited to layouts on a straight line.

Performance Benefits of iFLOW include:

  • Faster Fill Times
  • Reduced Fill Pressure
  • Rapid Color Changes
  • Superior Fill Balance
  • Uniform Shear Generation

The iFLOW 2-pc design allows runners to be carefully CNC milled with curved paths, eliminating sharp corners and dead spots at flow transitions. Runners are then carefully polished to promote optimal resin flow which significantly improves color change performance.

iFLOW manifolds also incorporate Brazed-In Heater Technology. Each manifold design is analyzed to ensure that the heating profile is uniform over its entire surface. This aids fill balance and prevents any degradation of the material. Brazed-in heaters provide energy-efficient and long-lasting heater performance.

iFLOW, in conjunction with our CAE optimization services, delivers uniform shear generation for exceptional fill balance and part uniformity.

Multiple melt channels for processing different materials can be designed into the same manifold reducing overall stack height by up to 22%.

Brazing the two halves together makes them into a single unit with the same strength and durability as if it was made from a single block of steel. This one piece design also simplifies maintenance by eliminating the need to keep track of any plugs or screws.

iFLOW hot runner manifold technology is available only from Mold-Masters and is standard on Summit-Series, Master-Series, Sprint, Axiom and some Fusion Series G2 hot runner systems.

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Ceramic contact pads that minimize thermal transfer to mold plates.

  • Improves thermo balance to the whole hot runner system.
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 21%
  • Standard on Summit-Series and Sprint hot runner systems.