See Even More Milacron Technology at K 2016 in Two Booths – Hall 15 Booth C06 and Hall 01 Booth A39

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Settembre 29, 2016

CINCINNATI,OH-Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry, announces additional key technologies for K 2016, the world’s largest plastics trade fair. K 2016 will take place October 19-26th in Düsseldorf, Germany. Milacron will be displaying its Advanced Plastics Processing Technologies (APPT) featuring Milacron, Ferromatik and Uniloy product branded injection, PET, blow and extrusion offerings in Hall 15 Booth C06. Milacron’s Melt Delivery and Control Systems (MDCS) will be in Hall 01 Booth A39 featuring Milacron’s product brands Mold-Masters, DME, TIRAD and CIMCOOL. Customers will be offered shuttle service between the booths in order to get a full glimpse of the Milacron portfolio working together in the two booths.

With less than a month before Milacron’s 2016 K Show appearance we’re excited to provide an additional glimpse of what you can expect to see from Milacron at K 2016. Milacron is the industry’s only integrated plastics processing provider,” said Tom Goeke, CEO of Milacron. “Our customers have come to rely on Milacron for the finest quality products, leading technological advances and unprecedented customer service, all of this will be on display in our two impressive booths. We’re really looking forward to demonstrating our technology and capabilities at K 2016.”

Milacron’s Innovative PET Preform System with Co-injection Barrier Technology
Milacron will mark its European show debut at K 2016 with of its co-injection PET Technology. The M-PET 300, is a servo-hydraulic co-injection PET system, which combines key components across Milacron’s product portfolio – machines, clamps, injection unit, post mold cooling, co-injection hot runner, mold and robots – into a single solution. The M-PET system will be utilizing a state of the art co-injection hot runner system and co-injection nozzles featuring Kortec technologies. Co-injection allows the simultaneous injection of two materials in the same mold cavity to produce a barrier solution. Steve Morris, President of Milacron Systems stated, “Our established, German designed, Ferromatik-Series machine platform provides our customers with a reliable injection molding platform that introduces speed and efficiency to our industry leading co-injection hot runner technology. Our customers continue to provide us with positive feedback and note that Milacron’s PET systems are the quietest, easily maintained, and very impressive regarding low energy consumption based on the electrification of the system. Another key feature is the low cost to run a Milacron PET system. Aside from low energy, our systems utilize standard technology reducing the number of special higher cost parts (no servo valves are used) which also ensures parts availability.” The system is designed to co-inject a bottle grade PET skin with an oxygen barrier core. The combination of these materials provide the mechanical properties and clarity needed for a PET container with an oxygen barrier to extend shelf life. Due to the simultaneous injection of both materials, there is no fill time penalty and the system is capable of running at monolayer cycle times.

Mold-Masters SPRINT Closure Hot Runner System Launches NEW Color Change Gating Tips – The fastest just got faster!
Milacron’s Mold-Masters hot runner product brand announced that their industry leading closure hot runner, SPRINT has launched NEW Color Change Tips. The new tips are engineered to far exceed the performance of similar competitive systems. The new SPRINT color change tip improves color change by up to 47% (vs. a standard gate tip). These new gating tips are available immediately as a standard package for all SPRINT systems and are compatible with the current tip as replacements. Mold-Masters SPRINT closure hot runners are engineered for speed. SPRINT is available in hot and valve gate solutions engineered for lightning-fast cycles, color changes, optimal part quality and greater durability for maximum uptime, while dramatically reducing overhead.

Milacron Celebrates New eSTORE with an Exciting Customer Contest
Milacron’s NEW eSTORE launched in July and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback while processing thousands of customer orders in North America and Europe. The Milacron eSTORE team will be holding an exciting sign-up contest live in both Milacron booths. Qualified entrants will be walked through the new customer sign-up process and in doing so will be entered into the daily draws. Prizes include iPads, iPods and much more. The Milacron eSTORE is offered in 15 languages. The mobile friendly, e-commerce site is seamlessly integrated with the newly re-designed, offering a one-stop-shop for all Milacron products, including individual parts and assemblies. Customers will also have access to DME’s vast catalog, connecting them to an unrivaled selection of mold components and MRO supplies 24/7/365. Customers will benefit from simple, cost-efficient ordering, shipping and deliveries within 24-48 hours. Link to Milacron

Mold-Masters NEW M-AX Six Servo Axis Controller – The Ultimate Control for the Most Advanced Processes
The New Mold-Masters M-AX servo axis controller is Milacron’s most technologically advanced controller to date. The M-AX controller has the same powerhouse TempMaster Adaptive Process System (APS) used to control temperature in our entire temperature control line up but also contains an unmatched ability to control motion functions as well. Servo Control functions include valve stems, core pulls, coining plates, index plates, stripper plates, ejector plates as well as driving Mold-Masters technologies like E-Drive syncro plates and Single Electric Valve Gates (SeVG). This brand new technology will be on display in the MDCS booth (Hall 01 Booth A39) featuring a fully functional multi-axis mold provided by Accede Mold. Mold base and components will be from DME.

Milacron’s SmartMold Transforms the Injection Molding Cell into a Truly “Smart” Cell
Milacron’s SmartMold module is the result of a multi-year development to make injection molding machine cells truly “Smart”. The SmartMold allows different pieces of equipment to talk to each other, improving process quality and efficiency all while providing improved information and metrics. SmartMold collects data and reports the data via the cloud or LAN. The Milacron SmartMold also allows for the scheduling of regular and preventive maintenance. SmartMold will be featured on Milacron’s MPET 300 machine producing PET preforms with co-injected barrier layer, the Mold-Masters Summit valve gate display system and Mold-Masters new M-AX six servo axis controller system.

Hear about our Technology – Milacron Invites Trade Press to Press Conference October 19th at 3:30 pm (15:30) – Hall 15, Booth C06
Milacron’s CEO Thomas Goeke will welcome the esteemed press to the Milacron booth and provide a business overview. Hans Hagelstein, Mold-Masters President Europe, Middle East, Africa and India will provide an update on Milacron’s Melt Delivery and Control System business to be followed by Denis Poelman, Managing Director of Milacron Injection, Europe providing an update on Advanced Plastics Processing Technologies (APPT). CTO Bruce Catoen will provide a technology update across Milacron’s vast product and brand portfolio. A Q&A session will follow the formal presentation and attendees will be encouraged to take a personalized tour of Milacron’s two booths with the Milacron Executive team. (Registration for Trade Press at

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron, Mold-Masters, DME, Ferromatik, Uniloy, TIRAD and CIMCOOL.


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