Mold-Masters Melt-CUBE



The Melt-CUBE design for applications requiring angled tips or specialized dual-gating capabilities. Simultaneous direct side gating solution of up to 16 cavities per Cube eliminates scrap from sub-runners and enhances part quality. Perfect for high cavitation molds producing deep draw Medical parts such as pipette tips, syringe barrels, needle shields and more.


High Capacity Design

  • Available with up to 4x more gates per drop than competitive inline side gating solutions.
  • Allows for more compact, efficient and economical mold designs.
  • Up to 43% higher pitch density than some competitive circular systems.

Gate Located Angled Tips

  • Not affected by thermal expansion.
  • Maintains tip to gate concentricity regardless of liner pitch spacing.
  • Excellent leakage protection.
  • Accessible from the parting line.

Brazed Heater Technology

  • Precise thermal profile.
  • Excellent vestige control and low pressure drop.
  • Precise cavity-to-cavity rheological balance.
  • Superior reliability maximizes uptime.
  • Eliminates spare heater costs.
  • Industry leading 10 year warranty available.

Specialized Dual Gate System Available

  • Enhances part tolerances.
  • Reduces cycle times by up to 50%.
  • Increased part weight capacity.


추가 정보

  • 부품 최대 크기: 20g
  • 드롭당 공동 수: 2-16
  • 상단 각도 범위: 0-60°
  • 최소 피치: 20mm
  • 팁 간 거리: 60~82mm

제품 견적