M-Powered is a portfolio of easy-to-use observational, analytical and support services that gives you a competitive advantage through insight. Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology, M-Powered provides unique intelligence on your current operations and future needs, sharpens manufacturing quality and productivity, and optimizes uptime.

M-Powered takes our entire suite of services delivered by our ServTek aftermarket brand to the next level of customer performance. M-Powered connects parts, service, rebuilds, retrofit and preventative maintenance service to our customers’ machines to provide a unified, stronger offering: optimized uptime. ServTek delivers performance. Now, with M-Powered, ServTek provides
competitive advantage.

The M-Powered Advantage

• Improve quality
• Reduce downtimes
• Manage operations proactively
• Increase machine availability
• React quickly to problems
• Secure + private
• Data archiving + compliance
• Audit trails + reporting
• Path to predictive


    CLOUD CONNECTIVITY All Milacron machinery ships M-Powered ready. Your machines are connected to the M-Powered Cloud, an online portal for your machine and our analytic tools to give you the latest and most timely information on performance, processing status and output. The M-Powered Cloud gives you access to key intelligence in real-time from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or computer.   SECURITY M-Powered provides a secure connection for remote monitoring and access to equipment. Utilizing M-Powered hardware technology, your business is protected by the combined built-in security of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), firewall and other trusted protocols. M-Powered software isolates and silos each machine and your network for ultimate protection.


    M-Powered Analytics remote monitoring services opens up new ways to view machines and boost productivity. A suite of web browser and smartphone applications provides real time machine data and advanced analytics to maximize your machine’s output. The applications are available separately and can be bundled together for maximum value. Monitoring a machine over the Cloud could not be easier. With remote monitoring you stay connected to your production floor, wherever and whenever you like. Monitor machine and production data to make the right decisions. DOWNTIME TRACKING M-Powered boosts productivity. Downtime tracking allows you to view all machine stops, analyze their specific causes, establish their frequency, correct the problem and measure the efficiency of your intervention. Data is provided in an easy-to-use format, allowing you to employ lean and quality improvement principles like 8D, six sigma, fishbone and other tools. OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVENESS (OEE) M-Powered calculates overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and the underlying losses. M-Powered gives you important insight on how to systematically improve your manufacturing process. The M-Powered remote monitoring analytics platform identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive and gives insight on root causes. SMARTMOLD Take advantage of the industry’s next major advancement in molding technology. SmartMold is a powerful tool that maximizes production potential and improves operational efficiency through digital data collection, powerful analytics and control metrics – all connected directly to the mold and hot runner.


    Actively monitoring plastics machinery is critical to its optimal output and longevity. However, technical problems can still happen. M-Powered speeds up and simplifies repairs anywhere in the world. M•POWERED SERVICE DIAGNOSTICS/TROUBLESHOOTING Connect experts to your machines remotely instead of sending for them. With M-Powered, a Milacron expert can connect instantly to your machine and start carrying out repairs. In most cases, your problem can be fixed online in less than two hours. No waiting around; no technician call-out charges. If a problem is not immediately resolved through diagnostic tools, our on-demand remote support allows our technical experts to quickly and precisely provide assistance in determining and resolving your machine or system issues. M•POWERED SMART GLASSES Our smart glasses technology allows our technicians to virtually visit you on the floor and reduce repair time. Easy-to-solve issues can now be remedied quickly, without the need for additional phone support. Resolutions to general machine alarms will be automatically passed to the glasses for the user to follow simple step-by-step instructions.