Top 10 Things to Know/Ask When Buying a Used Injection Molding Machine

If you’re looking at buying a used injection molding machine, below are some things to know/ask before purchasing.

  1. Begin with getting the year, make, model, tonnage, shot, serial number, hours & location of the machine along with photos of the machine from all 4 sides, inside the electrical cabinets, the platens, the toggle mechanism or ram and the operator station.
  2. Find out if there is a warranty and ensure a proper inspection is done prior to purchasing. This inspection should note what items function properly and what needs repairs or replacement.
  3. Ask to see the machine under power prior to shipment and if that’s not possible, ask to see a video of it running. This should be a 1-2 minute video that shows the clamp move [in auto], the control screen with brief activity on it, the injection end moving and a quick walk-around of the rest of the machine. Seeing the machine running in person or via video should be a requirement for purchase.
  4. Not all used machines are “abused” so look beyond its appearance for things like broken or loose tie bars, bent or cracked base or cracked clamp casting.
  5. Parts and service support may or may not be a concern but a little planning ahead will go a long way so ask if both are available.
  6. Be prepared for costs that don’t normally occur in a new machine purchase, most commonly machine loading.
  7. Full payment in advance is standard for the industry.
  8. Find out if it comes with leveling pads, prints and a manual and if machine specifications are available.
  9. Ask if the seller owns the machine or if they are brokering it. If the seller owns it, they will have first-hand exposure and a vested interest in the machine’s condition.
  10. Ask why they are getting rid of the machine and what the known issues are with it.

Milacron sells used injection molding machines through our Milacron Certified Pre-Owned program. To view our current inventory, please visit our website. If you have any questions about pre-owned machinery, feel free to contact us at 817-912-5400 or [email protected].