For over 70 years, Genca has developed crossheads and in-line heads with thousands of tip and die designs that are available to extrude a wide range of medical tubing products. From simple Single Layer Tubes to Complex Multi-Layering, Multiple Striping Options and Special Shape Constructions, Genca extrusion products are known for producing high quality and precision tubing for the medical industry.

Medical Extrusion Heads

With state-of-art technology and engineering expertise, Genca brings a remarkable resource to medical tubing extruders… offering a complete range of Crossheads and in-line Heads with the quality to produce tighter tolerances for greater concentricity. A sample of products available from Genca Including;

Tri-Die Crossheads

Designed for demanding 3-layer co-extruded applications, the Genca Tri-Die model products a wide range of products. From a single layer to complex multi-layer (up to 5 Layers) extrusions with multiple striping options, the Genca Tri-Die otters exceptional performance with products ranging from .015” and up.

B-1 Low Volume Crossheads

Genca’s B-1 series of fixed or adjustable center crossheads features a unique 8-flow multiple entry, multiple channel helicoids for balanced flow distribution regardless of extruder RPM or viscosity changes. It’s ideal for single and composite extrusion and striping with most thermoplastic materials in the production of medical tubing.

Spiral In-Line Heads

With 5 models available, the Genca Spiral In-Line Head offers an extrusion process that greatly reduces weld lines and provides unmatched physical, dimensional and aesthetic properties to a variety of medical tubing products.

Spider In-Line Heads

Genca offers a selection of Spider In-Line Heads offering dual threaded die centering and the special spider leg design that reduces weld lines. The flow through mandrel brings inner web consistency in multi-lumen products, and the restrictor bushing replaces the breaker plate for high viscosity polymers.

Micro Adjustable Crossheads

Genca’s BMA, BNA and BAT are 3 micro adjustable crosshead designs that offer high precision centering for fine medical tube applications. Single and 2-layer extrusions with striping options are available along with spiral and multi-flow melt channel designs.

Product Features & Services

  • All models of Genca Crossheads and in-Line Heads are available as fixed center or adjustable. Each is offered in stainless steel, high-temperature steel (nconel) or high-Strength tool steel (except the TRI-Die.) Other metals are available as specified. The metallurgy of all crossheads and in-line heads are controlled through heat treatment to obtain optimum life.
  • All melt flow channels, including spiral, multi channels or tapered, are precision designed and manufactured to obtain balanced flow over the full range of operation.
  • Assembly/disassembly tool kits are available for all extrusion crossheads.
  • All Genca Crossheads and In-Line Heads are assembled by Quality Assurance checked for compliance to engineering acceptance specifications and certified in User’s Manual.
  • Genca also offers trade-in options on certain used crossheads and can rebuild Genca crossheads.
  • Crossheads for products greater than 7” to 20” are available, but are manufactured on special order.

Medical Applications

Genca produces tooling to extrude a wide variety of Wire & Cable products. Some common applications include:

  • Single Layer Tubes
  • Special Shape Tubes
  • Multi-Layer Tubes
  • Multi-Lumen Tubes
  • Catheter Tubes
  • Microminiature Tubes
  • Inside Stripe Tubes
  • Split-Color Tubes
  • Outside Stripe Tubes
  • Encapsulated Wire(s) Tubes
  • Embedded Stripe Tubes
  • And Many More