MORE from Milacron at NPE Milacron to Display the Largest Operational Injection Molding Machine EVER at an NPE and MORE Technologies from Industry-Leading Product Brands Mold-Masters, DME, and Kortec

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March 12, 2018

Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry will have MORE to show visitors than any other exhibitor at NPE 2018, in West Hall, booth 2703, May 7th to May 11th. Capping that all off will be the LARGEST tonnage injection molding machine to operate at an NPE show – “The Cincinnati” by Milacron, coming in at a whopping 2250 tons of clamping power.

Mike Sansoucy, Vice President Sales Injection, Americas proclaimed, “We wanted to go big this year at the show.” Sansoucy elaborated, “If you’re looking for a large injection molding machine, with a large tonnage requirement, for molding a large part, there’s only one supplier that excels in this range – Milacron. We regularly manufacture large molding machines in the 1000 plus ton range. No other injection machine manufacturer can match us in large tonnage experience.”

Milacron CEO Tom Goeke added, “I echo Mike’s excitement, the Cincinnati is a beast! We’re showing a 2250 ton machine and have a customer order currently in production for a 6600 ton Cincinnati machine. Our Injection team wanted to bring it to the show but I had to draw the line, we need space to show all of our other brand’s technologies!”

In this second release, below you’ll find another snapshot of the products and technologies that will be on display from Milacron at NPE 2018 in Orlando, FL, May 7th to May 11th. The 3rd Milacron NPE press release will be distributed next week highlighting Milacron’s commitment to providing the industry’s most trusted service, support, spare parts programs and IIOT solution with our Milacron 4.0 offering.


Milacron Injection Molding Machine Work Cells

The Brand NEW Cincinnati 2250 Ton Injection Molding Machine from Milacron – The 2250 Ton Cincinnati is the Largest Tonnage Injection Molding Machine Ever Run at an NPE! – Automotive/Large Part Application
Milacron has excelled at manufacturing large tonnage injection molding machines for decades and is the global leader in the manufacture of these specialized machines. The Cincinnati is no exception. Proudly taking its name from Milacron’s home city of Cincinnati; The Cincinnati machine pays homage to all the Milacron employees past and present that have built Milacron into what it is today – the leader in plastics solutions, leading the way to what’s next in plastics.

The Cincinnati is a NEW large tonnage, true two-platen machine designed to meet the demands of the global automotive, appliance, and other large part molding markets. The Cincinnati product line expands on our industry-leading large machine technology with a platform that adds performance and a shorter footprint. The Cincinnati’s enhanced machine specifications and performance are powered by proven Fanuc servo motor power packs for improved reliability, expanded multi-component capability, higher max mold weights, faster clamp speeds and added tonnage sizes. The improved machine layout and enhanced access to the eject and die areas make operation, maintenance and servicing easier. The Cincinnati 2250 on display at NPE has been sold to i2-tech Custom Injection Molders out of Iowa.
i2-tech purchased one of Milacron’s first injection molding machines ever produced in the late 1960’s – serial number 3!

Molding Cell Details: The Cincinnati 2250 will be molding a large ATV Side by Side Dash, single cavity mold. The dash part weighs in at 10.5 lbs. The cell will feature a Mold-Masters TempMaster iM2 temperature controller integrated into the injection machine as well as DME mold components and a Sepro 6 axis robot. NOTE: Photography of the Cincinnati machine will be available the week of March 19th.


The NEW Quantum Toggle 260 Injection Molding Machine from Milacron – The Workhorse Quantum Toggle Makes Its North American Debut at NPE Featuring a Mold-Master E-Multi Auxiliary Injection Unit – Housewares Application
Milacron’s newest Toggle machine will make its North American debut at NPE. The NEW Quantum Toggle injection molding machine is designed to deliver higher productivity, reduced cost of ownership, enhanced performance and advanced technical specifications. Quantum comes equipped with Milacron’s Endura Touch control interface and is available from 125 to 610 tons. The Quantum features Milacron’s new generation toggle machine technology that will provide added benefits of reduced energy consumption, lower cycle time coupled with precision and reliability. The Quantum will be outfitted with a Mold-Masters E-Multi EM3 auxiliary injection unit to inject the secondary resin.

Molding Cell Details: The Quantum Toggle 260 will be molding a double walled cup emblazoned with the Milacron logo for customers to take back to the shop. The indexing mold features a Mold-Masters Master-Series hot runner and the E-Multi EM3 to deliver shot 2. The cup weighs 83 grams and will run at a cycle time of 35 seconds. The E-Multi controller will also do double duty as the hot runner controller. The cell features DME mold components and a Sepro 6 axis robot and a JP Grosfilley Mold.


Milacron-Fanuc Roboshot 140 LSR Cell – The Roboshot Demonstrates its Flexibility and Versatility with this LSR Molding cell – LSR Application
The Milacron-Fanuc Roboshot offers high precision and reliable molding. The Roboshot is the perfect solution for clean rooms and other molding environments that demand precise process control, high-speed injection and consistent repeatability.

The Roboshot 140 will be outfitted with an Enhanced LSR Package that includes a special Milacron screw and barrel with water jackets, vacuum pump, and water regulator.  All of these components can be retrofitted to our current stock Roboshot machines to meet the quick delivery requirements of our customer base.  The performance and repeatability of the Roboshot make it ideal to meet the precise requirements of LSR molding.

Milacron continues to be on the leading edge of LSR molding with solutions including the E-Multi LSR from Mold-Masters that will also be on display in the Milacron booth.

Molding Cell Details: The Milacron-Fanuc Roboshot 140 will be molding an LSR puzzle. The 16 cavity mold will produce the Milacron branded LSR puzzle in 40-second cycles. A Fanuc Robot will be placing puzzle pieces onto a conveyor, and an Autobag machine will package the puzzle for customers to take as a sample. All automation is provided by Nexus.


Mold-Masters Hot Runner Technologies – Mold-Masters Continues to Push the Boundaries for Melt Delivery Performance with Industry-Leading Hot Runners and Temperature Control Systems.

Mold-Masters Fusion-Series G2 Hot Runner Solutions – Revving Up Automotive and Large Part Molding
Mold-Masters has rolled out a number of additions and enhancements to Fusion-Series G2, the drop-in system favored by the automotive industry for high-quality large part production. Maximized for uptime, the Fusion-Series G2 hot runner system is delivered completely pre-assembled and pre-plumbed, saving significant set-up time in order to get you back into production right away. Incorporating popular features like field replaceable heater bands ensures that any maintenance is quick and easy. Capable of shot sizes from <15g to over 3,500g, Fusion G2 is favored by automotive, appliance, logistic packaging, and similar industries focused on producing medium to large high-quality parts. Fusion G2 systems also come fully supported by Mold-Masters global network.

New for the Fusion G2 at NPE are the F3000 and F8000 nozzles which expand the capabilities and applications of this system. F3000 has a shot capacity of <15g which is ideal for smaller under hood components, technical automotive components and price sensitive packaging and consumer good applications. The F8000 increases shot capacity of the system further than ever before to 5,000g by utilizing runner diameters up to 28mm. Nozzle lengths are also available that exceed 1m. F8000 has been developed to meet the processing requirements of common large automotive components like Fascias, Instrument Panels, Door Panels and also large white goods.


Mold-Masters Dura+ Automotive Lens Molding Hot Runner Solution – Shining a Light on Automotive Lens Molding
The Dura+ hot runner system has been specifically engineered to deliver exceptional molded part quality for automotive lens applications even with abrasive and corrosive resins such as PC, PC-ABS & PMMA.

With its introduction, enhancements over the previous Dura system include new Dura+ nozzles, full stainless steel construction and a highly polished runner finish which work together to improve processability, provide greater system durability and prevents contamination defects of molded parts. In the field, cycle time improvements of 22% and an extremely low scrap rate of 0.8% have been observed.

With standard components, the Dura+ system also ensures faster delivery time, easy installation and user-friendly maintenance. Dura+ remains the clearest choice for automotive lens molding applications.


Mold-Masters Melt-CUBE Side Gating Hot Runner Solution – New Design Cuts Service Times by 85%!
New for NPE is a second generation of the Melt-CUBE side gating hot runner that allows simultaneous direct side gating of up to 8 cavities per CUBE for high cavitation molds. Based on our successful advanced side gating technology this version features a simplified design making it easier to maintain and service. Tips are clamped by a single bolt in sets of 2 (not entire assembly) which reduces assembly/disassembly times by up to 85%. Manifolds can be accessed from the parting line and tips are located to gate.

As with many Mold-Masters products this Melt-CUBE also incorporates Brazed Heater Technology for precise thermal profile for enhanced processability and superior reliability that often outlasts the life of the mold. Only Mold-Masters offers an available industry leading 10-year warranty. Melt-CUBE is known for its excellent vestige control, low-pressure drop and precise cavity-to-cavity rheological balance.

Melt-CUBE side gating eliminates wasteful sub-runners and offers higher pitch density than circular systems for greater production output. Perfect for deep draw medical parts such as pipette tips, syringe barrels, needle shields or parts where only side gating is permitted.

Customers will be able to experience the assembly time reduction with a hands-on display of the product right in our booth.


Mold-Masters TempMaster Series Hot Runner Controllers – Optimizing Performance of any Hot Runner System.

Enhance molded part quality with the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of hot runner controllers. Featuring intuitive touch-screen controls, modular control cards and the most compact cabinet dimensions in their respective classes by up to 53%. TempMaster controllers have the capability to control from 1 to over 500 zones. In addition, our flagship TempMaster M2 controllers can be seamlessly integrated with advanced options like SVG, E-Drive Synchro Plate, M-Ax Servo Control and Water Flow Monitoring for more efficient centralized control of each molding cell. No matter your application we’ve got a solution for you at a price that’s competitive. At the core of each TempMaster temperature controller is our advanced APS control technology. An industry leading auto-tuning control algorithm that continuously monitors and adjusts the temperature to maintain set point for the most precise temperature control possible. Optimize the performance of any hot runner system and unlock your operations full potential with TempMaster.


DME Mold Components, Technologies and Industrial Supplies

DME Steel, DMESpeed™, DME Value Added Services, DME “Machined-4-Quality”

DME has served mold makers worldwide for over seven decades providing and innovating high-quality tool steel offerings for the toolmaking industry.

From mill to mold, DME offers a broad range of steel types and sizes of standard mold plates offerings all to meet the demands of today’s ever-expanding market the highest quality products and the quickest delivery available.  These offerings, necessary to achieve the quality and precision mold makers and the mold industry demand, include DME’s value-added machining services which include precision CNC machining, milling, boring, gun-drilling and more.

DME’s North American Steel Conversion Centers, including the newly updated MidWest facility in Greenville MI, are located in the heart of the mold making industry. These facilities support our new DMESpeed™ service level offering, which provides mold-makers with an unmatched range of quality, services, and speed of delivery. The DMESpeed™ service levels includes a diverse array of steel grades, plate sizes and mold bases which are available, in stock, for immediate delivery. Additional customization and rapid delivery options are also available through select DMESpeed service levels providing mold-makers greater versatility.

DME is launching the new DME Machined-4-Quality™ quality standard. This new mark of quality is utilized for our classic American Standard Mold Base, A-Series, B-Series, AX, X and T-Series lines and includes the precision machining value-added services that replicate the operational needs for mold-makers and high-performance machining.  DME products stamped with the “Machined-4-Quality” mark will provide assurance to mold-makers and molders that this product is of the highest quality standards available through DME.

DME Steel, DMESpeed™, DME “Machined-4-Quality, DME Value Added Services – your one source destination.


Milacron Extrusion Technologies

Milacron Conical Twin Screw TC Series Extrusion Machines – Compact Designs Optimizing Processing via Natural Compression
The Milacron TC Conical Twin Screw extrusion system has a wide range of options for every application requirement. The TC’s customized screw designs are matched specifically to the customer process requirements for optimal performance. The TC uses advanced materials of construction, including tungsten coated screws and tungsten clad barrels for maximum wear protection and the lowest possible lifecycle costs. Milacron both designs and builds full extrusion systems in-house. Milacron’s breadth of extrusion offerings is all-encompassing, from extruders to new and rebuilt extrusion barrels, and screws, to pipe heads, dies and downstream equipment, providing powerful, reliable solutions that meet customers’ unique needs. Milacron’s extrusion solutions are highly customizable and increase productivity, output, and accuracy while reducing costs.


Kortec Connect and Kortec Complete – Milacron’s Expanded Co-injection Solutions

New Kortec® Connect Solution

The Kortec® Connect system offers customers the same patented, proprietary Kortec® co-injection hot runner designs and combines it with Mold-Masters proprietary E-Multi secondary injection unit, allowing molders a cost-effective entry into co-injection molding. Milacron’s highly specialized co-injection engineers work hand in hand with customers to customize the Kortec® Connect solution for their specific application. Our dedicated team of engineers collaborates with customers on their existing equipment via comprehensive system audits to optimize machine functionality.  Once completed, our team of engineers personally ensures that the system is up and running with their new co-injection capabilities.


Kortec® Complete Solution

Milacron will continue to offer the complete turnkey solutions under the Kortec® Complete brand for customers looking to purchase the industry’s best complete co-injection system and generate the highest possible overall performance and output. Kortec® Complete offers customers the simplicity of a complete co-injection cell with a customized premium F-Series injection molding machine with 2 shot capabilities built right into the machine and the Kortec® hot runner melt delivery technology. With more complete co-injection systems in the field than all other competitors combined, Milacron is able to provide the industries’ best engineering, system and service support.


The entire Milacron team is ready to welcome the world to NPE and show our valued customers “what’s new”! Look for another NPE press release in the next week to learn about Milacron’s unmatched service offerings.

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron®, Mold-Masters®, DME®, Ferromatik®, Uniloy®, and CIMCOOL®. All Milacron product brands offer industry-leading service, support, and spare parts inventory – trust only Milacron trained experts to ensure your assets run at peak performance.


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