Q-Series 280 Monosandwich Machine received recognition at the 10th National Awards for Technology Innovation in Petrochemicals & Downstream Plastics Processing Industry

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March 11, 2021

Cincinnati, OH – March 11, 2021 – Milacron, a leading industrial technology company serving the global plastics processing industry, announced today that the “Q-Series 280 Mono sandwich Machine” received recognition at the 10th National Awards for Technology Innovation in Petrochemicals & Downstream Plastics Processing Industry on February 23, 2021. The machine was named runner-up under the category of “Innovation in Polymer Processing Machinery, Equipments, Robotics & Automation” among 273 total nominations for 2019-20.

“At Milacron, we are continuously striving toward customer satisfaction, quality and overall value, and we are honored to have the monosandwich technology recognized,” said Jigish Shah, Vice President of Technology & Product Development for Milacron India.

According to the Petrochemicals & Downstream Plastics Processing Industry the award recipients are chosen based on meritorious innovations and inventions in the field of polymeric materials, products, process areas of national and social importance. The ultimate objective is to develop and maintain the petrochemical industry as a globally competitive industry using eco-friendly processes & technologies.

The monosandwich process was developed in the 1990s by Milacron and is an easy variant of multi-component technology. Reinforced core materials give the component greater rigidity, whereas foamed core material provides good sound- and vibration-damping properties while contributing to low component weight.

Monosandwich uses a standard injection-molding machine equipped with a secondary extruder, mounted either vertically or horizontally. The core component is initially plasticized in the injection units; subsequently, the secondary extruder extrudes the surface material into the injection unit barrel. The melt flows from the nozzle of the extruder thru an opened shut-off nozzle of the injection unit and forces the already plasticized core and the screw against an adjustable back pressure until the set plasticizing stroke is achieved. The materials in the cylinder are not mixed together, but rather are two separate melt pools stacked behind one another in the injection unit barrel. When injected, the two materials necessarily flow into the cavity one after the other, resulting in the inflowing melt initially solidifying on the outer wall as surface material, while the subsequent component then forms the core of the molding.


The Q-Series is Milacron’s latest globally available servo-hydraulic injection molding machine. With a tonnage range of 55 to 610 (500-5.500 KN), the Q-Series is built to perform in a wide array of applications and configurations. Based on Milacron’s highly reliable Magna Toggle and F-Series machine lines, the Q-Series is a true culmination of high efficiency, consistency and globally engineered technology.


Milacron is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution, and service of highly engineered equipment within the plastic technology and processing industry. Milacron offers global solutions that include injection molding and extrusion equipment, plus a wide market range of advanced auxiliary technologies and breakthrough IIoT applications.