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Published on November 29, 2023

Partner With Possibility: Elite Biomedical Solutions

The medical plastics market is an industry that relies on comprehensive manufacturing solutions to meet precise production requirements. Milacron’s cutting-edge Roboshot solutions are designed to meet these high demands with clean-room-ready machines and processes that produce consistent part quality.

The Roboshot’s gold-standard features, like configurable core sequence, flexible I/O, unmatched pressure control, and industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) keep processors in the medical industry running with tight tolerances and precision year after year.

Milacron’s Roboshot customers are often loyal, as the machine is known worldwide for best-in-class reliability. Elite Biomedical Solutions, a Milacron customer for more than a decade, produces replacement components for infusion and telemetry assets for hospital biomed departments across the United States. Being in healthcare, Elite requires a machine solution that consistently produces with precision, day-in-and-day-out.

Partner With Possibility: Elite Biomedical Solutions - Milacron
Elite Biomedical Solutions operates a clean-room environment with five Fanuc Roboshots alongside associated auxiliary equipment from Milacron.

“Typically we run low volumes, but very tight tolerances, and that’s healthcare,” explains Elite CEO and Founder, Jeff Smith. “As a result of that, with the Roboshot solution, we’re guaranteed that process to be consistent with every part we make, and we make thousands and thousands of parts weekly.”

Elite Biomedical is a Milacron-only house of five Roboshots that are flanked with various pieces of Milacron auxiliary equipment to support.  A company that got its start in the basement of CEO, Jeff Smith’s home nearly a decade ago, Elite has grown to a multi-million-dollar business in a short period of time. The growth has even allowed the company to branch off with its own custom contract manufacturing segment, Elite Precision Plastics.

The Elite Biomedical team outside its Cincinnati, OH headquarters.

Smith attributes the success of his dynamic business to not just the reliability of his Roboshot fleet, but the ease of working with Milacron through the years for all his company’s plastics processing needs.

“We do all of our shopping with Milacron and get all our accessory equipment through them and their partnerships,” he said. “They’ve been very consistent. Their training is all the same. And, who’s going to take care of us is all the same. It brings a sense of security and peace of mind, which is important to me as CEO.”

Learn more about Elite Biomedical’s fleet of Roboshots and the partnership they’ve come to rely upon with Milacron over the last decade in this short Partner With Possibility success story video . For a deeper product dive on the Roboshot machine, check out the Roboshot landing page, where a full product brochure can be downloaded. And, for additional product expertise, Milacron’s Kent Royer, Sr. Product Manager for the Roboshot, can be found on LinkedIn, as well as in-person at NPE 2024 at the Milacron booth, W1601, next May.

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