Milacron Aftermarket will custom design a Barr V-PAK for your application thereby optimizing performance and increasing productivity for any machine, any make, any model, new or old.  This next-generation screw builds upon the strengths of the Barr V-PAK screw, adding a mixing/melting section that is 30-50% longer than its predecessor.

Higher Melt Quality

By dividing the screw channel into two sub-channels, the Barr V-PAK screw forces the resin particles to flow in a random and chaotic path, creating an increase in melt quality and temperature uniformity.

Technology that Pays for Itself

Since the Barr V-PAK solid/melt screw keeps the unmelted pellets constantly mixing with the fresh melt, it yields significantly higher melting rates compared to a conventional screw. This translates to increased energy efficiencies that in many cases will result in the Barr V-PAK paying for itself in less than a year.

Better Conduction – Low Shear

TheBarr V-PAK’s low-shear design uses almost half of its length as an Energy Transfer section, which provides an increase in conductive melting by almost 30%. The Barr V-PAK’s Energy Transfer section melts 30-50% of the polymer by conduction of heat from the previously melted polymer. The pellets are continually mixed with the melt promoting heat transfer by conduction from the melt to the pellets which reduces energy requirements and increases melting efficiencies. This unique channel design allows the process to run at higher rates at lower discharge temperatures and maximize the overall machine efficiency.