KlearStar barrels, screws and tips support successful polycarbonate molding in whatever injection equipment you use.  It is the most productive polycarbonate molding package available, eliminating corrosion that causes black specks and rejects.  KlearStar products are specially treated for corrosion resistance and lubricity, leading to fewer rejects and greater productivity.

The KlearStar package for processing polycarbonate includes:

  • Bi-Metallic Barrel
  • Feed Screw
  • Tip Assembly
  • Barrel Adapter

Causes of Black Specks

In a polycarbonate application, volatile by-products (gases) are released during melting of the resin pellets and these gases attack the metallic component surface of conventional nitride surfaces.  This corrosive wear results in pitting and erosion of the screw root diameter and on the inside diameter of the barrel and the pitting provides an area for the plasticized material to adhere, and the material degrades. The resulting black specks are ultimately injected into the mold.

How KlearStar Corrects the Problem

The KlearStar Package provides the corrosion resistance and lubricity properties necessary to process polycarbonate, especially in the molding of lenses. The components improve the flow of material to a degree that prevents sticking – leading to the total absence of black specks.*  You’ll enjoy greater productivity through the elimination of inferior product and reduced down time for maintenance.

* Specks may be experienced upon startup but will be eliminated after process stabilizes.