Mold-Masters Master-Series

Quick start-ups, reliable part quality, superior uptime and faster cycle times, the Master-Series line of hot runner systems offers state of the art performance and precision.


The Master-Series has raised the bar in unsurpassed performance, reliability and value in hot runners. The culmination of over 40 years of design innovation by the pioneers of hot runner technology, our Master-Series delivers guaranteed performance, system and tip reliability, consistent heat profile and quick start-ups.

With over 15 gating styles and limitless manifold configurations, the Master-Series utilizes a pre-wired, assembled and tested connection board, and is the industry’s most comprehensive and versatile hot runner solution.

 Photo of Mold-Masters hot runner Master-Series



  • Compact and flexible hot runner featuring CIC Technology designed for precise heating.
  • Fully customizable for shots up to 3,500 g.
  • Runner sizes to 18 mm and nozzles up to 900 mm long and 16 mm wide.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic actuator valve gate system, allows for precise sequential part injection.
  • Option for individual servo valve gate control and pin position indicators.



Up to 10 year warranty when purchased and used with originally supplied Mold-Masters hot half and temperature controller.



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