Mold-Masters Melt-CUBE

Mold-Masters® innovative Melt-CUBE technologies provides precise cavity-to-cavity balance, excellent vestige control, easy start-ups and low injection pressures for a variety of crystalline and amorphous side gating applications.


The Melt-CUBE allows for higher pitch density compared to other designs and easy tip replacement in the press. The patent pending design also enables faster cycles and pristine gates with an additional temperature control zone at the gate. The minimized gate to parting-line distance offers an optimal thermal condition. The design offers simultaneous gating of 2 to 16 cavities and is able to process engineering grade resins. The Melt-CUBE has tips angled at 15, 30, 45 and 60 degree from horizontal. Melt-CUBE is an ideal solution for medical molding applications such as syringes and pipettes.

Photo of Mold-Masters hot runner Melt-CUBE system


  • Symmetrical geometry of the Melt-CUBE ensures complete rheological balance.
  • Dedicated heating system in the cube to provide optimal heat control in the gate area.
  • Patented sliding expansion joint, called the Melt-Link™, between the nozzle and the Melt-CUBE, prevents the thermal expansion of the nozzle from affecting the fixed and precise location of the tip in the gate.
  • Optional individual shut-offs to each cavity.
  • Melt-Start™ temperature controller software to automatically implement the correct start-up and shut-down sequence on all components of the system.


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