Mold-Masters Melt-Disk

Melt-Disk technology provides precise cavity-to-cavity balance, excellent vestige control, easy start-ups and low injection pressures for a variety of crystalline and amorphous side gating applications.


The Melt-Disk offers optimal heat control in the gate area. The disk acts as a “mini-manifold” in applying heat to the runners right up to the hot tip seals. The Melt-Disk delivers advanced performance with its leak-proof seal. When cooled, the seal can be conveniently removed for easy maintenance.



  • Ideal for such parts as pipettes, syringe barrels and needle shields.
  • Up to 192 cavities capable of being produced in molds.
  • Wide range of thermoplastic resins including LDPE, PP, P.A.6 and acrylics.
  • Optimal solution for the medical, packaging or teletronics industry.


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