Mold-Masters Melt-Disk



Simultaneous direct side gating solution capable of up to 8 cavities per Disk geared toward circular oriented  high cavitation mold layouts. Perfect for deep draw Medical parts such as pipette tips, syringe barrels, needle shields or smaller parts where only side gating is permitted.



Circular Direct Side Gate Design

  • Eliminates wasteful sub-runners, improving cost per part.

Engineered with up to 2x More Gates per Disk

  • Improves efficiency and enables more compact mold bases than alternative side gating solutions.

Symmetrical Geometry

  • Precise cavity-to-cavity rheological balance, excellent vestige control, and low pressure drop.

Removable Tips

  • Easily maintained in the press from the parting line.

Dedicated Brazed Heating System

  • Optimal heat control in the gate area and less heat loss than conventional solutions.

Individual Cavity Shut-offs

  • Flexibility and ultimate control


Additional Info

  • Max Part Size: 10g
  • Cavities per Drop: 2, 4, 6, 8
  • Top Angle Range: 0-60°
  • Tip to Tip Distance: 60-82mm
  • Wide range of thermoplastic resins including LDPE, PP, P.A.6 and acrylics.
  • Applicable Industries: Medical, Packaging, Teletronics and more

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