Kortec Complete


Milacron’s Kortec Complete Solution is a complete turnkey solution for customers looking to purchase a complete co-injection system. Kortec Complete offers the simplicity of a complete co-injection cell with a customized premium F-Series injection molding machine with 2 shot capabilities built into the machine and the Kortec hot runner melt delivery technology.

The F-Series is a co-injection/multi-component machine, available in servo or all-electric formats and 9 different sizes. It offers fast, quiet operations, short cycle times and exceptional energy savings. The F-Series can be easily upgraded and retrofitted to meet customer needs.

The Kortec hot runner melt delivery technology is the industry’s most installed co-injection hot runner with more systems and more cavities. It offers the most precise, uniform and efficient barrier flow in the industry. The melt delivery system has separate streams (flow channels) for skin (the inner and outer layers) and core (the middle barrier layer) materials.


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