Additive / Microbiocides

The following are our additives for metalworking applications. They include metalworking fluid additives, antifoams & defoamers, cleaning agents,lubricants, corrosion and rust inhibitors and rust preventives. Also listed below are our microbiocides.
Name Description PIF Code
ADDITIVE 2AST-1 ADDITIVE 2AST-1 is a proprietary blend of polymers, which can be used to temporarily control excessive foam. PIF B00524
ADDITIVE 24ANF-1 ADDITIVE 24ANF-1 is a water-based antifoam specially developed for use with metalworking fluids. PIF B00537
ADDITIVE 63 Additive 63 is a metalworking fluid additive used to raise and/or buffer the mix pH in central system reservoirs. Additive 63 typically raises the pH of a used metalworking fluid mix by 0.2 to 0.3 units. A secondary effect is improved ferrous corrosion control. PIF B00560
ADDITIVE LC Additive LC is 50% solution of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) which can be used to raise the pH in central system reservoirs. PIF PRS1005
ANTIFOAM ANTIFOAM is a nonionic, silicone-containing water-based emulsion, which can be used to temporarily control excessive foam. PIF B00523
ANTIFOAM 2BND Non-silicone defoamer to temporarily control excessive foam in synthetic and emulsion fluids. PIF B00555
ANTIFOAM 17 ANTIFOAM 17 is an antifoaming/defoaming agent for aqueous metalworking fluids and aqueous cleaners. PIF B00998
ANTIFOAM NS ANTIFOAM NS is an aliphatic non-silicone defoamer, which can be used to temporarily control excessive foam. PIF B00558
BUSAN 77 Additive for microorganism control, foam control and oil rejection in synthetics. PIF PRS1014
FOAM DEPRESSANT FOAM DEPRESSANT is a water conditioner which can be added to soft water(less than100 ppm hardness) in individual machines or central system reservoirs to prevent foam problems. PIF B00527
GROTAN Broad spectrum biocide for metalworking fluids. PIF PRS1003
INHIBITOR 56 INHIBITOR 56 is a metalworking fluid additive, which can be used, in central systems or individual machines to provide improved ferrous corrosion control. PIF B00540
KATHON 886MW KATHON 886 MW microbicide is very effective against bacteria and fungi. It is recommended for use in soluble, semi-synthetic, and synthetic metalworking fluids. PIF PRS1009
KATHON 893MW KATHON™ 893 MW is a broadspectrum fungicide recommended for tankside control of fungi in metalworking central systems. PIF PRS1011
KORDEK LX 5000 KordekTM LX 5000 Microbicide is a broad spectrum biocide formulated for use in Metalworking Fluid Concentrates and as a Tankside Additive for dilute circulating systems. PIF PRS1012
LUBRICANT N LUBRICANT N is a metalworking fluid additive which, can be added to cationic synthetic metalworking fluid mixes in central systems or individual machines to improve or restore lubricity. PIF B00572
LUBRICANT QXL LUBRICANT QXL is a new, water-soluble, super-lubricant, metalworking fluid additive designed to enhance the performance of other CIMCOOL® metalworking fluids for heavy-duty machining and grinding operations. PIF B00586
SODIUM OMADINE 10% Anti-microbial additive for use in melalworking fluids PIF PRS1006
SUMP BUDDY An effective, convenient biocide treatment for metalworking fluids. PIF PRS1013
TRIADINE 20 Anti-Microbial additive designed to combat bacteria and mold in metalworking fluids PIF PRS1007
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