Mold-Masters E-Drive



Simultaneous valve pin motion control of up to 128 cavities with precise 0.01mm tolerances. Easily adjustable pin stroke, velocity, torque, timing, and position to improve mold balance and production quality by controlling resin flow. Compatible with all resins, E-Drive is ideal for small shots and tight tolerance applications.



All Electric

Suitable for clean room applications. No risk of hydraulic mess or disposing of hazardous materials.

Servo Actuation

Unbeatable precision, control and reliability. Greatest level of process consistency and repeatability. Actuate up to 128 cavities with as little as one drive & plate.

Multi-Step Actuation Profiles

Fully adjust opening and closing actuation variables to optimize resin flow and balance. Greatly improves molded part quality by eliminating defects and prevents scrap.

Exclusive Ball Screw & Belt Design

Highly mechanically efficient. Minimizes energy loss through friction and wear significantly extending service life. Consumes up to 60% less power than traditional synchro plate designs.

Mag Pin Technology

Exclusive magnetic individual valve pin shut-off control eliminates the need for mold disassembly.

In-Press Access

Easily maintain pins for adjustment and replacement. Eliminates the need for disassembly, minimizing downtime.

E-Drive Controller

  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • Contains the servo amplifiers
  • Remote touch screen panel for set-up and monitoring
  • Adjustable motion & speed profiles
  • 4 configurable trigger inputs with time delay or IMM signal
  • Adjustable Alarm and Warning limits


Additional Info

  • Compatible Resins: All
  • Cavities (Max): 128+
  • Cavities per Drive (Max): 128
  • VP Adjustment Tolerance: 0.01mm
  • Actuation Time (Min): 0.1 sec
  • Compatible Hot Runner Systems: Summit-Series, Master-Series
  • Compatible Nozzle Range: Femto, Pico, Centi, Deci
  • Shot Range: <1 – 500g
  • Optional TempMaster M2 hot runner temperature control integration
  • Available with hot half systems only.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic synchro plate systems also available

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