Mold-Masters E-Drive



Precise simultaneous valve pin motion control exceptional process stability. Easily adjust pin stroke, velocity, torque, timing, and position to improve mold balance and production quality. Compatible with all resins, E-Drive is ideal for high cavitation, technical, tight tolerance and tight pitch applications across a wide range of industries. 


Servo Driven Actuation

  • Unbeatable precision, control and reliability.
  • Greatest level of process consistency and repeatability.
  • Eliminate actuation variability.

Multi-Step Actuation Profiles

  • Fully adjust opening and closing actuation variables.
  • Optimize resin flow and balance.
  • Greatly improves molded part quality.
  • Prevents defects and scrap.

Exclusive Ball Screw & Belt Design

  • Actuate up to 128 cavities with as little as one drive and plate.
  • Highly mechanically efficient (rolling action eliminates friction).
  • Minimizes wear to significantly extend service life.
  • Consumes up to 60% less power (than traditional synchro plate designs).

All Electric

  • Suitable for clean room applications.
  • No risk of hydraulic mess or disposing of hazardous materials.

In-Press Access

  • Easily maintain pins for adjustment and replacement.
  • Eliminates the need for disassembly, minimizing downtime.

E-Drive Controller

  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • Contains the servo amplifiers
  • Remote touch screen panel for set-up and monitoring
  • Adjustable motion & speed profiles
  • 4 configurable trigger inputs with time delay or IMM signal
  • Adjustable Alarm and Warning limits



Additional Info

  • Compatible Resins: All
  • Cavities (Max): 128+
  • Cavities per Drive (Max): 128
  • VP Adjustment Step (Min): 0.01mm
  • Actuation Time (Min): 0.1 sec
  • Compatible Hot Runner Systems: Summit-Series, Master-Series
  • Compatible Nozzle Range: Femto, Pico, Centi, Deci
  • Shot Range: <1 – 500g
  • Available with hot half systems only.
  • Optional TempMaster hot runner temperature control integration
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic synchro plate systems also available (P-Drive/H-Drive)

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