Mold-Masters Fusion Series G2



Completely pre-assembled and pre-wired Fusion Series G2 hot runner system allows for quick and easy one step drop in installation and connection. Ensures your mold is back into production as quickly as possible. Focused on high quality and economical part production, Fusion Series G2 hot runners are supported with global technical support and rapid spare part supply. Geared towards molding medium to large parts it is the ideal system for automotive, appliance and logistic applications.


Completely Pre-Assembled and Pre-Wired

Fast, one-step installation requiring up to 70% less time to assemble and install.

Wire Armour

Protects and routes all lines. Acts as a stable mounting platform for plumbing. Reduces plate machining requirements.

Fusion Series G2 Nozzles

Precise thermal profile with multi-zone replaceable heater bands for enhanced process control. More Info.

Field Replaceable Manifold and Nozzle Heaters

Simple and easy to maintain, minimizing downtime.

Taper Cut Valve Disk Design 

Improves resin flow and helps eliminate dead spots for rapid system color change capability.

Global Technical and Field Support Network

Assistance to ensure faster and more precise mold integration. Optimization services minimize risk.

24hr Spare Parts Supply

Committed to keeping you in production.



Additional Info

  • Shot Range: <15 – 3,500+g
  • Nozzle Length Range: 55 – 1,000 mm
  • Actuation Options: Pneumatic or Hydraulic
  • Actuation Control Options: SVG, Speed Control
  • System Options: VP position monitoring, Flow Control
  • Manifold Heater Options: Paste In Element, Flex Heater, Heater Plates
  • Available as an assembly

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