Mold-Masters Sprint



Sprint hot runner systems are optimized for reliable high speed molding capable of fast color changes ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency. Specifically engineered for use in cap and closure applications.


Optimized for High Performance Molding

Capability for high speed cycle times as fast as 2 sec with minimal gate vestiges and no stringing on the molded part.

iFLOW Manifold Technology

Original Mold-Masters developed manifold technology, perfected to achieve superior balance and color change performance. More info.

NEW Sprint Color Change Tip

Fastest color change performance. Requires up to 47% less shots to clear.

Easily Maintained

Removable tip/seal and industry standard gate cut-out allows interchangeability.

Master-Series Nozzles

Precise thermal profile with proven performance and reliability. More info.

Brazed Nozzle & Manifold Heater Elements

Precise temperature control, energy efficiency and superior reliability. More info.

EcoDisk Ceramic Pads

Greater thermal stability and reduces energy consumption by up to 21%.

Industry’s Best Warranty

Available 10 year coverage



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