High Performance Injection Molding Machines


Exceptional precision and repeatability, fast cycle times, high injection rates and pressure, parallel functions, and easy maintenance – these are the hallmarks of the K-TEC series of injection molding machines.

High performance hydraulic and hybrid K-TEC machines keep molders in the lead by offering competitive manufacturing solutions for everything from the simplest to the most demanding applications, including multi-cavity molding, challenging material combinations and integrated process molding.

With the proven modular design of the K-TEC, Milacron engineers can quickly provide effective real-world solutions for any application. Our experts guide you through the process from machine selection and optimization, through part design, to complete process solutions – including mold, automation and auxiliary equipment.



US Standard

Size Range
Min. Mold
Tie Rod
US Tons oz in in in in in
175/220 200/225 13.2 – 19.0 29.5 41.1 29.5 32.7 x 36.8 22.0 x 22.0
250/275 280/310 22.9 – 31.2 33.5 47.0 33.5 38.7 x 40.7 24.8 x 24.8
320/350 360/400 36.4 – 47.5 33.5 48.4 33.5 43.7 x 45.8 29.5 x 29.5
400/450 450/500 54.3 – 84.6 39.4 55.9 39.4 47.0 x 49.9 32.5 x 32.5



Size Range
Min. Mold
Tie Rod
kN g mm mm mm mm mm
175/220 1,750/2,000 375 – 540 750 1,045 750 830 x 935 560 x 560
250/275 2,500/2,750 649 – 884 850 1,195 850 970 x 1,035 630 x 630
320/350 3,200/3,500 1,031 – 1,346 850 1,230 850 1,110 x 1,165 750 x 750
400/450 4,000/4,500 1,540 – 2,400 1,000 1,420 1,000 1,195 x 1,267 825 x 825



Tonnage Is Built Directly Behind The Mold

K-TEC has a unique three-platen assembly designed for maximum platen parallelism within the whole work area. Combined with a centrally applied clamping force,Central Hydraulic Clamping Cylinder K-TEC hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machines this ensures above average mold longevity.

K-TEC Precision is Assured By:

  • Reduced platen deflection, allowing for lower clamp tonnage, less mold wear, and better part quality – especially with large multi-cavity molds.
  • The pressure controlling clamp movement is highly responsive at high speeds, providing superb mold protection.
  • Exceptional platen rigidity and even force distribution mean that the clamping force can be optimized at the lowest value for minimal mold wear.
  • Mold weight is supported by the machine base via roller bearings, reducing stress to tie bars and ensuring clamping unit accuracy.
  • Dedicated reservoir above the clamping cylinder ensures fast oil transfer during opening and closing movements.

K-TEC ClampMold Longevity Guaranteed

Exceptional platen rigidity and even force distribution mean that the clamping force can be optimized at the lowest value for minimal mold wear. Exceptional clamping unit dynamics, together with accurate mold pressure monitoring during the clamping phase, provide the best possible combination of productivity and mold protection.


Precision Processing Features

High shot volume and high injection pressure make these machines ideal for a wide range of industry applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduced mass Inline injections units with revolving injection pistons are ideal for production of think-walled parts at extremely high injection speeds.
  • Solidly built linear bearing support system ensures reliable operation.
  • The entire injection unit assembly swivels out giving easy access to the screw.The screw barrel can be replaced within minutes.
  • Optional hydro motor or electric motor for plasticizing.


A wide selection of injection units and screw geometry are available. This means application specific solutions for every material formulation and plasticizing rate, including:

  • High performance, high throughput
  • Lower melt temperatures
  • Better mixing and homogenization
  • Wear resistant protection


Precision Control Technology For All Applications

The MOSAIC Control is the high- performance control system that controls and communicates all machine functions and related parts producing processes. MOSAIC Control provides improved reliability, performance, and user- friendliness to keep your process in control.

  • Individual forward and retract manual movement keys for each axis.
  • Factory programmable buttons for added options.
  • Logical grouping and separation of the machine function and manual operator keys.
  • Swing-arm mount can be optimally positioned for each operator, allowing for an unobstructed view of the mold area.

Mosaic Control Features

  • 15 Inch Diagonal Screen
  • TFT Flat Panel
  • Touch Screen (Analog, Resistive) Dual Intel Processors
  • Swing Arm Mount
  • IP65 Protection (against dirt and contaminants)

Mosaic Operator Screen Features

  • Screen layouts are clear, concise and easy to understand.
  • Direct Group Access Keys for quick machine setup.
  • Pop-up keyboards for data and text entry.
  • Drop down selection boxes for choosing items from a list. Lighted On/Off buttons.
  • Choice of Language and Units of Measurement.


Mosaic Control Screen Displays

Intuitive Operation Touch Screens


  • Group Access Keys on the left margin
  • Special Function Keys on the right margin
  • Message Bar at top of screen displays the active alarm text or the current menu if no alarm exists
  • Status Bar at screen bottom provides a quick glance at the current status of critical machine parameters, including actual feedback from sensors, current cycle count and current logged-in user.

Setpoint Overview Screen


  • Single screen for setting clamp, ejector, injection and extruder
  • Follows the configurations that are defined on the Primary Set Up tabs
  • Great for quick set-ups and adjustments
  • Improves operator set-up efficiency

Injection Set-Up Screens


  • Extruder functions
  • Injection setpoints
  • Pack & Hold setpoints
  • Sprue/Sled
  • Mold Gate options
  • Semi-Auto Purge options

Clamp Set-Up Screen


  • Tonnage
  • Mold Height
  • Open and Close positions
  • Ejector
  • Air Eject

Configurable I/O Screen


  • Ultimate flexibility for signal interfaces
  • Eight 24 Volt DC Input or Output signals
  • Signals are configured to Machine Cycle Status
  • 41 Output Cycle States and 14 Input Permissions
  • Configurable Pulse Timers for Inputs

Process Monitor Trend Graphics



  • Monitors trends on-line using trend graphics
  • Select from any on of the monitored variables (over 50 to select from)

Process Monitoring Screens


  • Track your process for consistency
  • High resolution times and position feedback
  • Selectable Alarm Bands
  • Choose up to 16 parameters from a list of over 50

Enhanced Process Graphics


  • Ability to display one or two graphs
  • Enables comparison to stored reference points
  • Easy to use Cursor Control and Zoom Control
  • Adjustable “Y” scaling

Graphical Injection Set-Up


  • Up to 10 segments of Injection Velocity
  • Transfer each segment on Position, Volume, Pressure or Time
  • Up to 10 Pack/Hold Pressure/Time/Velocity steps
  • Display either Hydraulic or Melt pressure
  • Graphic display of Pressure and Velocity actual values


Find the Perfect Match for Your Mold

With multi-cavity molds, the mold size does not always correspond to the clamp requirements. K-TEC machines can be configured to provide the perfect fit for your mold:

  • Three different tie bar clearances per clamp force size allow for oversized mold
  • Alternate pressure bolt lengths for additional mold height adjustment
  • Multiple tie bar extensions especially for multi-component and turning stack technology
  • Custom pattern for mold fixing and centering
  • Easy access to ejector mechanism thanks to the design with pressure plate and pressure bolts

An Applications Expert Right at Your Door

The Ferromatik Milacron applications engineers can help you determine which technologies will best serve your requirements. From machine configuration, mold design, and peripheral equipment through complete part cost calculations, your equipment will provide the best solution available on the market for your application


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